See How Murata is Shaping the Future at CES 2023

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Murata is heading to CES 2023 January 5-8 in Las Vegas. Our booth in the Vehicle Technology Pavilion (LVCC Booth # 10249) will serve as a showcase for the solutions that enable innovation throughout the electronics industry. From mobility and connectivity to healthcare and consumer applications, we invite you to meet with our product experts to get a close-up, firsthand look at how we are shaping the future.

Summary of Exhibit 

Existing and potential customers, partners, and fellow innovators will see an extensive line-up of product demos and technologies including:

60 GHz In-Cabin Radar/Child Presence Detection System

Murata’s 60 GHz in-cabin radar detects a living presence inside a vehicle, classifies occupants as adult or child, and shows their respective seat position. This solution allows vehicle manufacturers to meet the new Child Presence Detection standards as well as protect passenger privacy.

Autonomous Positioning

Hexagon and Murata are partnering to bring a live demo of an autonomous car with fully dependable, robust, and resilient sensor technologies. Attendees can experience safe and reliable positioning for autonomy in real-time that can be extended to a variety of applications, including V2X, ADAS, and level 3-5 autonomous systems.

Next Generation RFID Tire Tag

Co-developed with Michelin and announced last year, the next generation embeddable RAIN RFID Tire Tag adds digital identification to accurately track each tire throughout its entire lifecycle

UWB for Automotive Keyless Entry

Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) has been used in many automobiles for some time. However, the current systems are prone to hacking and theft. The new UWB based system solves this problem making the keyless entry very secure. Connected Car Consortium specifications also allow for interoperability and users to forgo the key fob with the use of their UWB enabled mobile devices equipped with Phone as a Key (PaaK) support.

Real-Time Location Detection with LF Antennas

Murata's low frequency antennas transmit and receive magnetic field energy to deliver high accuracy, low power, real-time tracking systems.

LTE (iSIM and IoT ZTP)

Integrated SIM (iSIM) is the next generation of technology for cellular IoT and wearables, opening the door for more feature rich communication and data to be shared between users. To ease connecting these devices to the cloud, Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) automates this process by using secure certificates installed on IoT-Safe enabled SIM cards inside IoT devices. 

UWB for Precise Distance Ranging

In this toy car demonstration, see how Murata's UWB modules allow engineers to leverage Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Time of Flight (ToF) for precise distance ranging.

Module Utilizing LoRa® for Asset Tracking

Easing design challenges and shortening time-to-market, Murata's LR1110 module delivers asset tracking and monitoring capabilities through Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) or WiFi sniffing.

Edge AI Modules

Leading the next wave in edge computing, Murata leverages its advanced packaging technology to pack powerful AI computing into tiny packages. Our solutions deliver high performance, low power, and numerous other feature-rich applications.

nfant Thrive® Enabled by Murata

Murata’s PICOLEAF™ Piezoelectric film force sensor enables the nfant® Thrive Feeding System, which empowers parents with real-time, actionable data about how well their baby is feeding.

SMD Digital PIR

The SMD Digital PIR sensor is a small size solution for motion detection with an easy-to-use I2C digital interface. This device has a high S/N ratio and superior EMI/RFI performance. It is ideal for battery powered devices such as IP cameras, doorbells, thermostats, and more.


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