C.E. Precision Assemblies Likes Cetec ERP for Its Consistency and Data Integrity

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When it comes to ERP systems, C. E. Precision Assemblies, (CEPA) knew what they wanted. They wanted an ERP system that was going to give them accurate data and unparalleled implementation support. They wanted an ERP with depth of capability and flexibility proven to handle the unique requirements of the cable assembly industry. CEPA found what they were looking for with Cetec ERP!

C.E. Precision Assemblies, Inc. is a Woman-owned Small Business that got started in 1986.  They manufacture custom RF cable assemblies and wire harnesses for Defense and Aerospace applications. CEPA had an ERP system for over 13 years, but it wasn’t fully functional. There were a lot of data problems, frequently incorrect reports, and  an extremely limited support team.

With a growing company, CEPA was looking for something that would still support company expansion at a reasonable price range.  CEPA liked that Cetec ERP was originally developed for the cable assembly/wire harness industry and could understand their specific needs.  They also liked that Cetec ERP offered both onsite and cloud options.

“As an AS9100/IS9001 certified company, we have written processes and procedures for everything we do,” said Kathy Kennard, Contracts Administrator for CEPA. “Working with Cetec ERP has given us the opportunity to revisit and refine some of our processes. And it’s something that is ongoing.”

During implementation of the Cetec ERP software, a personal transition team from Cetec headquarters assisted in mapping CEPA’s data from the old system to Cetec ERP. CEPA employees found all of the how-to videos and reference material on the Cetec ERP support site invaluable implementation tools.

In January, CEPA had their first full week of “Go Live” with co-owner Brent Barton in person on-site. Kennard says that was incredibly helpful in contrast to their previous ERP system who sent CEPA a several 100-page manual and said, “figure it out!” Having someone on site who could actually look at data and convert it into Cetec ERP’s processing system made a big difference to the company’s transition.

CEPA says they still have some things that they’re working through to fully implement the system, but Kennard says overall they’ve been pleased with the amount of support they’ve received from Cetec ERP, both virtual and in person. CEPA appreciates the routine updates made to the system, including those updates made from customer suggestions. Kennard says she would absolutely recommend Cetec ERP to any type of manufacturing company.

“Everybody here feels that Cetec ERP was a very good choice for us. It’s not so much the processes because our processes are established. It’s the continuity and the data integrity. When we get a report, we know it’s going to be right.” -Kathy Kennard, Contracts Administrator of C.E. Precision Assemblies

Quote from Kathy Kennard, Contracts Administrator of CEPA: “Everybody here feels that Cetec ERP was a very good choice for us.  It’s not so much the processes because our processes are established. It’s the continuity and the data integrity. When we get a report, we know it’s going to be right.”


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