Holiday Greetings From the I-Connect007 Team

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The staff at I-Connect007 wish you and your loved ones the happiest holiday season.


No matter how you mark the season, may this time of year fill your hearts with joy and laughter as we start a new year full of hope, excitement, and opportunity.

It’s important to pause here and there and reflect on the many wonderful moments the holidays can bring into our lives. We get to sing some of our favorite songs, watch some true holiday classics, and often gather with loved ones, putting aside our differences and busy lives to just enjoy being together.

We took a little stroll through the internet to find out just what are the top 10 Christmas movies. It’s probably no surprise that “It’s a Wonderful Life” tops most charts. This 1946 classic features a superb storyline, acting, and fake snow as far as the eye can see. Not far behind this Jimmy Stewart classic are the “up-and-comers” like 2003’s “Elf” and 1990’s “Home Alone.” And who can forget the 1983 favorite, “A Christmas Story.” Such fun!

Well, you each have your own favorites, but be sure to take an occasional break from these holiday films to check out what’s happening at I-Connect007 during the holiday break. We post breaking industry news, articles, and columns year-round. Perhaps this is a chance to catch up on some magazine reading—our December issues preview the exciting IPC APEX EXPO 2023—and there’s a lot to talk about.

May you truly enjoy the magic this season has to offer.

The I-Connect007 Team


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