Aven Celebrates 40 Years of Providing Precision Technology

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Aven, a full-service technology provider, announced that 2023 marks the company’s 40-year anniversary. With a product line that features more than 750 tools for optical inspection and precision assembly, Aven has made a name for itself as a leading precision technology provider.

When Aven was founded in 1983, the company was focused on the importing and wholesaling of specialty tools. As the business evolved, the product portfolio expanded to include more high-technology tools, thus allowing the company to engage in new market segments.

In 1997, Aven underwent its first progression, shifting from traditional workbench tools to industrial electronics supplies. The team then turned their focus to precision tools for optical inspection and precision assembly. Today, Aven’s product line includes stationary and portable microscopes, video inspection systems, specialty high-resolution digital and video cameras, lenses, illuminated magnifiers, software for image analysis and hand tools for precision assembly.

While Aven manufactures a broad product line of optical inspection equipment and precision hand tools, its true value to customers is realized in our positioning as a full-service technology provider.

“Aven’s 40th anniversary is a milestone and a special occasion,” stated Mike Shahpurwala, Founder & President. “We would not be where we are today without our employees and the support of our customers. Working with my partner Mark Kanpurwala and his dad Bakir Kanpurwala has been an honor and lot of fun over the last 40 years. Creating a business that is long lasting and has withstood the test of time has also been very fulfilling. This is the first chapter of our success and I hope there are many more to come.”

As a result of years of comprehensive research and development, Aven has expanded its expertise in the realm of design and customized configuration of advanced video inspection systems. The company’s solution-based experts possess the ability to recommend and create complete optical systems according to customers’ needs and budgets.


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