Next-generation 3D-AOI Camera Heads From Saki Now Allow Easy On-site Interchangeability

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Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, announces that it has developed a high-speed camera head with an optical resolution of 15μm that achieves high-performance quality inspection with the industry's fastest cycle time as a new option for the latest 3Di series of next-generation in-line 3D automated optical inspection (3D-AOI) equipment.

As a new 3Di series camera head capable of handling complex inspections of high-density printed circuit boards and mixed PCBs with extremely small and tall parts, the 15µm resolution camera head, which is ideal for high-speed inspection, has been added to the existing 8µm high-definition resolution head. The addition of the 15µm head now enables selectable camera options for existing machines. Both camera systems are interchangeable and can be quickly and easily switched without the need to change the entire AOI machine within the production line. Customers who have already installed a new 3Di series machine can therefore flexibly select and change the optimal camera configuration in terms of optical resolution and imaging speed according to their specific inspection requirements without changing the machine itself.

Saki will debut the 15µm camera option at the 37th NEPCON JAPAN, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on January 25-27. Visitors to the show are invited to Saki's booth (East Hall 2, Booth No. 15-1) for a demonstration and to discover Saki's latest solutions for the ever-changing inspection environment.

For efficient manufacturing operations, inspection speed is every bit as important as inspection performance. The newly developed 15μm resolution camera system leverages highly optimized software, developed completely in-house. Standby time is minimized by parallelizing image capture, data processing, and inspection, achieving the industry’s fastest cycle time for AOI systems.

With on-site interchangeable automated inspection solutions that adapt to the ever-changing inspection environment, Saki contributes to strengthening quality assurance, improving productivity, and achieving sustainable scalability and sustainable manufacturing without defects. 

Norihiro Koike, President and CEO of Saki Corporation, commented: “Saki's new 15μm optical head delivers unmatched speed and clarity for the most challenging inspection requirements with its ultra-sharp 3D images. We continue to focus on developing customer-centric add-on solutions and functions that deliver on quality, offer flexibility, and contribute to sustainable manufacturing concepts that are shaping our customers' smart factories. In addition to our booth at NEPCON JAPAN, our latest AOI solutions will also be highlighted at IPC APEX Expo in San Diego on Booth No. 2475. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibitions."


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