Solderstar Highlights Selective Solder Innovations at IPC APEX EXPO 2023

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Selective soldering has evolved to become an integral method used to in today’s electronics manufacturing processes. However, as SMT assemblies become more complex with many components and connectors, precision can be difficult to achieve. Furthermore, many of the machines use complex nozzle configurations and additional soldering and pre-heat stages to control assembly more efficiently. This makes managing profiles a challenge.

As technology leaders in the design and development of temperature profiling equipment, Solderstar has developed a solution to the problem, the SLX range of intelligent selective fixtures. The innovative zero set-up thermal profiler will be presented to visitors at IPC APEX Expo 2023, booth 2010 in San Diego, California, from January 24–26, 2023.

Mark Stansfield, CEO at Solderstar, said: “Prior to the Solderstar Multistage Selective, complete machine analysis was only possible at each individual stage of the oven. It is now commonplace for systems to have three or more individual soldering stages. To quickly capture profile data more efficiently, we designed the Solderstar SLX range of intelligent selective set-up fixtures.

“The solution utilizes additional signals from the selective machine, combined with the multiple memory capability of the SLX dataloggers. This allows all selective stages to be captured with a single pass. As each selective stage is completed, a signal is sent to the Solderstar unit which automates the storage of data and prepares automatically for capture of the next stage, which is a huge time saver.”

The datalogger has the capability to electronically record all parameters, including, temperature profile, nozzle fountain height, X/Y speed, contact time and electronic flux positioning at four points. This new feature can be retro-fitted to existing fixtures which utilize a SLX datalogger unit, or integrated with most mini-wave selective soldering machines.

Mark concluded: “The new SLX range of fixtures automatically configure for the data-capture, allowing error free process information to be gathered every time without the need for test set-up, mobile computers or phones. This makes it flexible, consistent and reliable, ensuring that data capture is quick and easy to monitor.”

To view the advanced SLX system with the Multi-Stage Selective unit, visit the Solderstar experts at booth 2010 at IPC APEX Expo 2023, San Diego, California, from January 24–26, 2023.


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