Retronix Turns to Gen3 Again for High-Quality PCB Cleaning Requirements

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Gen3, global leader in SIR, CAF, solderability, ionic contamination & process optimization equipment, is pleased to announce that they were once again selected by Retronix – this time for two NC25 PCB Cleaning Systems. The first unit was installed at the company’s factory in Scotland and the other at their factory in Austin, Texas.

This is an exciting time for Retronix as the company’s investment in people, premises, processes and equipment accelerates at an exponential rate to meet growing industry demands. Recently, the company was in need of a new cleaning system to clean their components after processing.

In order to meet their high-quality Component / PCB cleaning requirements after processing, Retronix decided on the highly efficient MB-Tech NC25. Retronix performed trials at the Zestron lab and quickly realized they achieved better cleaning results with the NC25, and having the components completely dry after cleaning was an added bonus for Retronix.

Specially designed around a patented filtration system providing high cleaning performance, Components / PCBs are first immersed in a washing tank where they undergo the combined action of vertical agitation and a turbulent spray under immersion action that achieves the desired cleaning efficiency. Components are then transferred in two stages of DI Water rinsing and are finally dried during a unique process combining forced convection and vacuum.

Graham Dickson, Area Technical Manager for the North, commented: “When the initial interest in the MB-Tech NC25 was discussed, I thought the NC25 was overkill for the intended use. But after realizing how stubborn the fluxes were to clean off properly it became apparent that the NC25 was the perfect tool for the job. Retronix’s customers demand extremely high levels of cleanliness & this is what the NC25 delivers.”

Chris Simpson, Engineering and Development Manager also commented, “We spent significant time researching our options available for cleaning components. Our excellent relationship with Gen3 led us to decide on the MB-Tech NC25 due to its superior cleaning performance and also the support package offered by Gen3. To date, the machine has been a massive success both in Scotland and in our Texas Facility. The closed-loop nature and drying system set it apart from many other machines on the market.  

Additionally, Retronix previously purchased a ACE KISS-QFP lead-tinning & Nitrogen Generator,  MUST 3, and CM11+ from Gen3.


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