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Conferences and trade shows are valuable resources. Now that the 2022 trade show season has closed and IPC APEX EXPO 2023 is behind us, it’s time to make a strategic plan from all the pieces of information you’ve gathered for the year ahead.

When you’re new to your career, your role, or even new to the industry, the pressure can be immense. Then you find yourself at a trade show representing your company, tasked with bringing information back to your organization. What are the expectations you’ve been tasked with? How will your company take what you’ve brought back and advance your knowledge and technical knowhow?

On our cover, we showcase a mass of LEGO® Bricks because it represents the pieces of separate bits of information gleaned from networking with other industry professionals that we must then assemble into a cohesive strategy afterward. For us engineer types, the compulsion to make order out of those bricks is very real. Turning your conference and trade show knowledge into action in the factory should feel just the same.

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