Gen3 Launches New Objective Evidence Site During IPC APEX EXPO

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Gen3, Global leader in SIR, CAF, Solderability, Ionic Contamination & process optimisation equipment, is pleased to announce that it released its new Objective Evidence website ( during the 2023 IPC APEX EXPO.

Objective Evidence is the new/latest requirement from J-STD-001 – Cleaning and Residue Requirements – for qualifying a manufacturing process. The purpose is to demonstrate the reliability and robustness of your circuit assemblies.

Those who work according to IPC J-STD-001 will need to qualify your manufacturing process by producing data demonstrating compliance with the standard. Previously, the ROSE test identified the pass/fail limit. This test has now been removed and is no longer a requirement for quality. OE is the replacement.

The primary objective is to mitigate the phenomenon of Electro-Chemical Migration (ECM). ECM affects all board manufacturers whether they clean or not! There are two ways to achieve Objective Evidence:

The first part is to initially demonstrate that your assembly meets the requirements of OE. J-STD-001 states to use SIR or Ion Chromatography. The second part is to demonstrate that you are meeting your OE requirements continuously i.e every day of the week or every week of the year. For this, it is recommended to use Process Ionic Contamination Testing (PICT). 

Being a specialist in Quality Assurance for electronic assembly with more than 100 years of combined electronics industry experience, Gen3 is ideally placed to help clients determine the most suitable process control for their production process. The company provides Training and Consultancy Services.


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