Austin American Technology Announces Merger with Aqua Klean Systems

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Industry leaders in the Electronic Manufacturing field, Austin American Technology (AAT) and Aqua Klean Systems (AKS), are excited to announce a merger. As manufacturers of cleaning equipment, the former competitors have joined forces to become the world’s largest and only full-service electronics cleaning equipment manufacturer. Both companies serve the automotive, medical, military and aerospace industries, and this merger is expected to further improve the high level of service clients have come to expect. Operation will continue at both facilities in Austin, TX and Anaheim, CA, while retaining all employees.

AAT, based in Austin, TX, has a rich history of serving clients for more than35 years with cleaners that utilize modern technology for use with printed circuit board cleaning, surface-mount technology, stencil and misprint, flip chip, BGA and more. Similarly, Aqua Klean, based in Southern California, hand-crafts and assembles all products and provides cleaning systems that fit into virtually any process. Founded in 1996, AKS is committed to excellence and has the experience necessary to produce the best cleaners in the industry.

Together, the companies serve clients ranging from small shops to the largest electric vehicle brands –From medical device manufacturers to military, space and more. With a particularly fast expansion over the past six years, this merger will allow both companies to combine their resources and expertise to offer superior cleaning equipment for their clients.

According to Austin American Technology’s President and COO, Todd Rountree, “AAT and AKS both have the desire to develop and grow the best cleaning company in the industry. This involves being on the cutting edge of technological advancements, cleaning efficiencies and the sleekest designs. These, coupled with the best customer service, will position the merged company to lead our industry far into the future and provide the best resource for our customers. The timing could not have worked out better and we are all excited about the opportunities this merger has made available. With service and manufacturing in both California and Texas, we will have the farthest reach and depth of anyone in our field.”

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with Austin American Technology," said Mike Schwager, President of Aqua Klean Systems. "Our companies share a commitment to delivering innovative and reliable cleaning solutions to our customers. We believe that the combination of our expertise will help us continue to grow and expand in the future. We look forward to working together and continuing to deliver the highest quality cleaning solutions with exceptional customer service."

The merger will allow the combined companies to leverage the strengths of both organizations and expand their reach into new markets. Customers can expect to benefit from a wider range of product offerings, enhanced technical support and an increased focus on research and development.

AAT and AKS will continue to operate under both brands throughout the end of the next fiscal year. All current products and services will remain in place to ensure there is no impact or interruption for all customer relationships.


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