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After you’ve exhibited at a trade show, then the work really begins. Where do you begin? How do you best capitalize on the leads and other contacts you’ve made? We asked Kiki Shimomae, sales and marketing coordinator for Taiyo, to discuss her pre- and post-show plans for a show like IPC APEX EXPO, and the importance of staying visible on social media.

Q: Kiki, tell us about the goals and objectives you have for a show like IPC APEX EXPO.

A: It was my second time attending trade shows and my first time at IPC APEX EXPO, so I’m still trying to get to know the industry and the people, while figuring out what works best for Taiyo. But I did have a set of goals.

One of my personal goals as marketing coordinator was to utilize this show as a great opportunity to familiarize myself more with people and the industry, and to study how to stay innovative and advanced in this industry.

We planned to take full advantage of attending an in-person trade show where we can let people interact with our products (and our robot) and also introduce our new people to the industry.

And we wanted to share what is happening in Taiyo globally. We had some exciting news to share with you all.

Q: After the show, then what? What are your follow-up plans once a trade show is in the history books?

A: I plan to keep showing up digitally, being consistent, and being reachable in many different ways. It may sound simple, but I believe you shouldn’t forget about the basics to keep building and developing your brand identity. A trade show is fun and exciting, but it can be very overwhelming, with lots of information, people, and events. It’s hard for everyone to remember all the information they get from the show. Depending on the location of the trade show, my follow-up to-do list can vary.

Q: How do you take advantage of the leads you generated at the show?

A: The leads are a great resource that you can take full advantage of. Whether the contact is someone you’ve known for a while or a new customer, you never know the possibilities behind them. I will always follow up with them, but I try not to be boring. I try to be creative; I think this is the best way to grab a new customer’s attention and keep that customer with us.

Q: How much does social media play into your post-show plans?

A: Social media and the internet is the easiest way to get information nowadays. Especially after the show, I’m sure that social media can function not only as a way to communicate and stay in touch but also as a reminder tool that Taiyo is here for you to all the people who visited our booth.

Q: Some companies say, “The marketing doesn’t end when the trade show does.” Do you agree?

A: Yes, I agree with that statement 100%. Marketing can have a huge impact, both pre-show and post-show. Just as the sales team tries to maintain a good, strong relationship with their customers, good marketing takes time to accomplish.

Q: Do you have any advice you would like to share regarding trade show follow-up?

A: Whether your company is big or small, it’s always important to be visible and accessible digitally. Take 100% advantage of the power of the internet and social media. Social media is free, and has a lot to offer.

Q: Thank you, Kiki.

A: Thank you.

This conversation originally appeared in the February 2023 issue of PCB007 Magazine.


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