Ivan Romo Resigns as SMTA Officer in Mexico After 12 Years

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SMarTsol Technologies, a technical services and equipment provider for Mexico and the US, announced that Ivan Romo has retired as an active officer of the SMTA Guadalajara Chapter after 12 years.

Romo commented, “After 12 years as an officer of the SMTA Guadalajara Chapter, it is now time to give up my position as Legal & Compliance Chair. Currently our chapter has the best team ever and I am sure that my current roles can be taken over. Current Chapter President Luis Fernando Gazcon has been leading the activities with the highest level of professionalism and enthusiasm that will make this transition easier.”

SMarTsol Technologies will continue participating in the chapters and events throughout the United States and Mexico as normal. As the General Manager for SMarTsol, Romo will continue his participation in the chambers and industry associations in Mexico in order to keep promoting industry development.

Tanya Martin, Global Executive Director, SMTA, stated, “Ivan has been a tremendous leader for SMTA over the past 12 years. His support and dedication have been instrumental in expanding chapter activities throughout Mexico as well as nurturing a highly-functional leadership team to continue his many successes. On behalf of the entire organization, we sincerely thank Mr. Romo for his tireless efforts and support.” 

SMarTsol offers best-in-class assembly and test & inspection equipment, consumables, productivity tools, automation, and manufacturing execution systems. With direct personnel as well as distribution and demonstration centers in Guadalajara, Cd. Juárez, Tijuana and Queretaro, and a warehouse in El Paso, TX, the company is equipped to offer fast response times and quality service.


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