Cogiscan Adds Distribution Partner MacTech for Representation in Argentina

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Cogiscan, factory digitalization experts for electronics manufacturers globally, is proud to announce new distribution partnerships with MacTech for technical sales support and representation in Argentina.  

“Adding MacTech to our distribution network is truly exciting,” said Nirav Jariwala, Sales Application Engineer at Cogiscan. “They have an excellent reputation in a key geographic region for us, Argentina – plus, they’re passionate about our industry and take a technology forward approach to working with customers.”

MacTech re-sells a wide range of SMT solutions for electronics manufacturers within Argentina – covering all aspects of the production process from SMT machines to consumables to intelligent software. Focused on production efficiency, they collaborate closely with their customers.

“Our clients are increasingly concerned about the shortage of materials due to both global problems and particular conditions in our country. We believe that Cogiscan will help our industry to manage inventory control more efficiently, assigning the correct materials and updating stocks in real time,” said Emiliano Herrero, Sales Director at MacTech. “Cogiscan, with its complete line of solutions, will drive our clients towards industry 4.0 with the digitization of the production floor.”


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