Tate Technology Purchases High-End PBT Works Cleaning System

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PBT Works s.r.o., a leading manufacturer of cleaning technology for electronic assemblies and tooling, is pleased to announce that Tate Technology, Inc. has purchased a SuperSWASH III high-end cleaning system. The sale was liaised by Mike Gunderson of MaRC Technologies. Based in Spokane Valley, WA, Tate Technology provides superior consignment and turnkey contract electronic manufacturing services for a vast array of industries.

Scott Tate, President of Tate Technology commented, “More and more of our products have bottom terminated components such as BGAs, LGAs, QFNs, DFNs, etc. which dictate the use of no-clean flux. Our existing inline wash system is not able to completely remove the water-soluble flux from these components. Many of the products soldered with no-clean do not need to be cleaned, however certain products such as high reliability, aerospace, military, medical, RF, or those that need to be conformal coated must be cleaned.”

The SuperSWASH III is designed for medium to low quantities of complex products that need to be cleaned perfectly. ​It was the ideal choice for Tate Technology’s high density SMD assemblies, as it produces high-end cleaning results without the need for automation or very high throughput.

“After reviewing all of the cleaning systems on the market Tate Technology chose the PBT SuperSWASH III for its linear spray nozzles, closed-loop chemistry and rinse tanks, and recipe driven technology,” Tate added. “Instead of trying to mimic the industry standard inline systems, the PBT SuperSWASH III takes it to an entirely new level ensuring that even the highest density products are thoroughly cleaned.”

Tate Technology runs two surface mount technology (SMT) lines that feed Koh Young 3D SPI and 3D AOI machines. The company continues to expand its capabilities to include ultra-fine pitch BGAs and leadless surface mount components, making them a leading manufacturing source of complex circuit board assemblies.


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