Kickstart Your Automation Journey with ViTrox’s TR1000S⁺i!

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ViTrox, which aims to be the world’s most trusted technology company, is excited to announce the launch of the enhanced Tray-based Vision Handler, TR1000S⁺i!

The semiconductor business is continually changing and has grown significantly in recent decades. Some industry developments worth noticing in recent years, particularly for Integrated Circuit (IC) packages, have emerged. These trends include miniaturisation and the increased demand for IC packages due to the growth of the consumer electronics market, the automotive industry, and the medical industry.

Additionally, manufacturers are actively looking for cost-effective and well-performing equipment to secure product quality, which also includes automating inspections. Hence, we are bringing you our enhanced Tray-based Vision Handler, TR1000S⁺i! This solution is designed to cater for 360° inspection of BGA, QFP, QFN, CSP, TSSOP, MSOP, and SOP packages handled in tray-to-tape inspections.

Our TR1000S⁺i is now enhanced with an improved PP3 design with an added nozzle. The users can experience faster unit pick-and-place with three nozzles and the inspection speed is greatly improved. This translates to an average UPH increase of 24%!

The TR1000S⁺i also houses the following features:

  • Built-in de-taping module: reduces conversion time with a movable linear guide with a built-in jig.
  • Fetcher module: shortens translation time and unit pick-up time to higher throughput.
  • Auto pitching mechanism: expedites nozzle pitch conversion.
  • Easy 3D calibrations: simplifies calibration process (place and slot, no adjustments needed) , fast (only 5 minutes) and auto-illuminated

In general, TR1000S⁺i is the enhanced version of the previous TR1000Si system. With the enhancement of the Tape & Reel as well as the additional nozzle piece, it will greatly reduce the Pick & Place bottleneck and generate higher throughput which compliments the high-speed vision inspection time. Thus, our TR1000S⁺i will guarantee you both quality assurance and productivity which is worth the low cost of investments. To ensure that they have a smooth automation journey with ViTrox, we have a team of technical support experts that are ready to provide top-notch services to you.


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