Winners of IPC Hand Soldering Competition at InnoElectro 2023 Announced

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IPC hosted a Hand Soldering Competition in Budapest, Hungary, at InnoElectro March 28-30, welcoming 42 competitors from 29 European electronics companies. Skilled contestants competed to build an assembly in accordance with IPC-A-610, Class 3 criteria, and were judged on the functionality of the assembly, compliance with the assembly process, and overall product quality. Contestants were allowed a maximum of one hour to complete the process.

Taking top honors this year were:

  • In first place for the second consecutive year, Peter Zsombok, BHE Bonn Hungary KFT, scored 538 points out of a maximum possible 558. Zsombok will compete for the World Championship title in November at productronica in Munich.
  • Second place: Viktor Czonka, Alpine Hungary, with a score of 535 out of 558.
  • Third place: Janos Szebelledi, BHE Bonn Hungary KFT, with a score of 529 out of 558.

This year’s Best Company Team trophy was presented to BHE Bonn Hungary KFT, for a combined score of 1028, achieved by team members Peter Zsombok and Janos Szebelledi.

IPC is grateful to the HSC sponsors for their generous support:

  • Gold sponsors: Weller Tools, Thales
  • Silver Sponsors: Almit, Ateliers Systems, NCAB Group, Optilia, Polygone CAO, SFM-Societe Française de Microscopie

“IPC thanks and congratulates all the participants and their companies for their interest and for taking up the hand soldering competition challenge,” said Philippe Leonard, IPC Europe director. “The competition board was very complex this year, and the contestants rose to the challenge with amazing performances. We look forward to more exciting competitions this year, ending with the World Championship at productronica in Munich.”


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