Silicon Mountain’s Annual Multi-Million Placement Accuracy Statistics for First Pass Yield Continue to Grow

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Silicon Mountain, a leading electronic manufacturing company, announced that its annual multi-million placement accuracy statistics for first pass yield continue to grow. The company uses surface mount technology (SMT) machines, including the award-winning Fuzion and Advantis Platforms from Universal Instruments. These machines offer the latest, innovative technology in SMT. They enable Silicon Mountain to print, place, and reflow components in a variety of sizes from <0201 to 44 mm.

“We started Silicon Mountain 20 years ago to give OEMs the option to run high-volume electronic assemblies in the United States,” stated Kris Townsend, President of Silicon Mountain. “Our SMT growth is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.”

The Advantis3™ combines the best in technology, performance, and unmatched scalability. The Advantis3™ machines are the little brother to the Fuzion® machines, running single 30 spindle Lightning heads. Upgraded with new style spindles for increased accuracy, they add flexibility and speed to Silicon Mountain’s placement lines. These machines feature powerful, flexible platforms that handle a range of applications and readily adapt to new ones.

The Universal Fuzion® platform line of equipment consists of high-speed pick-and-place machines. They use a vacuum system in conjunction with spindles and nozzles for high-speed precision placement of components on circuit boards. Fuzion uses a variety of nozzle sizes and types to pick a range of SMT electronic components from numerous feeder types and place them on a circuit board. The fiducial correction system is capable of reading fiducials from multiple circuits on a board for pinpoint accuracy.


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