NEOTech Westborough Improves Efficiency and Reduces Production Cycle-Times with New SMT Line

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NEOTech, a leading provider of manufacturing technology and supply chain solutions for brand name OEMs in the industrial, medical, and mil/aero markets, announces the procurement of industry-leading manufacturing equipment to implement a new SMT line at its Westborough, MA site. This new line replaces an older line being phased out and provides NEOTech customers with the latest technology, improved efficiency, and reduced cycle times, keeping them ahead of their competition.


Members of Westborough’s elite-team happy to implement new SMT line

NEOTech is well known in the industry for its commitment to provide high-quality and high-reliability electronic manufacturing services with the continued investment in cutting-edge manufacturing equipment. The new SMT line in Westborough will enable NEOTech to run a wider range of board sizes, in some cases at twice the current throughput rates. NEOTech is excited to attract new business by offering customers quality manufacturing utilizing the latest advanced technology. Current customers are also being informed of the updated equipment being put in place at the Westborough site and are thrilled for the increased capabilities.

“Our customers are very excited about the implementation of our new line, and our manufacturing team is encouraged as well,” stated Chad Burdick, NEOTech Westborough General Manager. “As the production volumes for several of our key customers continues to grow, our manufacturing teams knew it was vital for us maintain the highest levels of quality with increased accuracy and reduced manufacturing times. Our employees are being trained on the new machines to operate all the equipment proficiently and are enthusiastic about taking on new, challenging projects.”

Emilio Ramirez, NEOTech Global Vice President of Engineering, also commented, “At NEOTech, we continue to invest in equipment as part of our technology roadmap. By investing in the latest placement technologies, we remain committed to improve our efficiencies, reducing manufacturing cycle times and improving quality yields.” 

NEOTech’s goal is to successfully convert customers’ product technology into engineered products, providing the most capable supply base, manufacturing products with care, and delivering them on time. The company is large enough to offer refined Tier 1 tools, processes, and capabilities, yet small enough to provide individualized care and service. NEOTech provides tailored project-by-project services that focus on each customer’s individual, unique needs. The result is a true collaboration in which the customer’s needs are met – or exceeded – in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.


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