Altus Assists PCB Specialists to Add Best-in-Class Inspection to its Production Line

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To ensure quality and efficiency are implemented at all times and compete as a best-in-class CEM, Garner Osborne Circuits liaised with capital equipment supplier and service provider Altus to further enhance their inspection processes through 3D AOI technology.

False calls and escapes are unavoidable when using 2D inspection techniques. When manufacturing complex miniaturised PCBs, this assessment method cannot meet the high standards critical to the success and performance of modern electronic devices. Identifying defects early in assembly and having data to support process improvement decisions is vital to ensure quality. Therefore, moving away from 2D inspection methods to 3D AOI technology is crucial.

To take their inspections processes to a new level Altus introduced Garner Osborne to Koh Young Zenith Alpha HS+, the foremost true 3D AOI solution powered by AI enhanced high speed 3D measurement capabilities. The system incorporates KSMART technology which revolutionises data collection and analysis, and improves PCB process optimisation.

Steve Honeybun, CEM Operations Director, Garner Osborne, said: ‘’Garner Osborne has always had a philosophy of continuous improvement to consistently perform at the top end of electronic production services. Moving to a 3D light metrology process with Koh Young, who is widely regarded as the best inspection provider in the market, is a great reflection of that.

“We have worked with Altus for several years, and extending our partnership further, given the support they have always given us, made the decision easier. As a result, we now have fully 3D SPI and AOI to support improving our production yields, and we are delighted to get the unit up and running.’’

KSMART analysis collects all inspection and measurement data and helps advanced inspection systems evolve from “Pass/Fail” tools into highly intuitive, dynamic decision-making systems. Adept equipment supplies can then apply the data set to proprietary AI engines for continuous performance improvement. KSMART ensures the highest levels of transparency by showing all conditions of the lines, while providing the required documentation for changes to each job for traceability.

Anthony Oh, Altus Technical Applications Manager: ‘’This has been an excellent project for Altus, and we especially enjoy working with the team at Garner Osborne. Of course, we take each project as a standalone in its own right, and their team tested us, given that by upgrading to Koh Young, they moved away from an already trusted partner. I am pleased that we demonstrated our claims of providing the lowest levels of false calls available and showing the value of fully 3D light measurement data collection to improve yield. This aspect is where CEM customers can unlock value in their production environment and for their customers.’’


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