Pricer Opens New Facility with Zollner Elektronik AG

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Pricer opens a new production line in Germany to increase capacity and production flexibility – key factors to meeting the growth of the market for electronic shelf labels.

Pricer aims to continuously improve customer satisfaction, which is in line with the company’s vision of becoming retail’s first choice in shelf edge automation and communication. Moving production closer to the company’s customers is a strategic goal that strengthens the competitiveness in the market through reduced lead times and enhanced flexibility for customers, lower carbon footprint, and increased production capacity.

To maintain the highest product quality, Pricer has engaged with Zollner, a global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider based in Germany. The new production line in Zollner’s facility in Untergschwandt, in Rattenberg, Bavaria, is now up and running, ready for finetuning and ramp-up period. The first deliveries are planned to be shipped end of April.

“For us, it has been very motivating to work with Zollner to realize this strategically important project. Together we have managed to overcome the difficulties due to the macroeconomic situation, and we have worked in true partnership to reach our common goals – we are happy with our choice of this solid partner,” said Jörgen Jost auf der Stroth, Vice President Operations at Pricer.

The fully automated assembly line for the production of electronic shelf labels will produce Pricer’s SmartTAG Power labels and account for a substantial increase of Pricer’s total production. Due to the scalability of the production capacity, the facility will be able to handle any growth during the coming years. The assembly line is delivered by Zollner’s automation department in cooperation with an external factory automation specialist.

“Pricer and Zollner founded their strategic partnership with the goal of making efficient realization of the innovative digital price tag possible in Europe. The systematic coordination between product development and industrial engineering made a fully automated product solution possible, from the electronics all the way to the end product. This milestone cleared the way for production in the target region of Europe at a competitive cost, short lead times and the best possible supply chain flexibility. We are happy to be able to accompany our customer, Pricer, into the future as a global manufacturing partner,” said Martin Eisenhart, Senior Vice President Business Division Electronics E3 at Zollner.

“We are thrilled to be opening this much-needed facility and make sure our customers get the highest quality products. We see a huge interest from leading retailers in shelf edge automation and communication solutions based on electronic shelf labels. Several of the strategically important growth markets we have identified are European, and it is extremely satisfying to be able to offer these customers increased flexibility in supply with very short lead times and lower carbon footprint,” said Magnus Larsson, President and CEO at Pricer.

The final assembly capacity in Europe will complement Pricer’s existing production facilities in Asia with a perfect balance between markets and production closer to customers. According to the plan, the facility will reach full production capacity by the end of the second quarter 2023.


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