Mike Konrad to Present Keynote at SMTA Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference

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Mike Konrad, Founder and CEO of Aqueous Technologies has been selected to present a Keynote address at the SMTA Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference to be held in Amsterdam May 23-25 at the Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport, Netherlands. 

Mike will be presenting “The Remarkable Return of Post-Reflow Cleaning as a Mainstream Process to Improve Reliability.”

Presentation topics include:

  • The age of no-clean fluxes and the effect on circuit assemblies
  • Factors influencing the decision to clean circuit assemblies
  • Modern residue-related failure mechanisms
  • Beyond ECM - Additional reasons for cleaning post-reflow circuit assemblies beyond ECM mitigation
  • Harsh environments and other factors influencing reliability
  • Cleaning best practices
  • New IPC cleanliness testing and process monitoring requirements
  • Reflow profiles and the effect on surface insulation resistance (SIR) test
  • New cleanliness quantification standards (IPC J-STD001-H)

More information is available at https://smta.org/mpage/harsh.


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