Local SMTA Expos: A Great Format for Meeting Customers

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At the Dallas SMTA Expo & Tech Forum, I met with Isaiah Smith, Midwest sales manager for BTU International. Isaiah is fairly new to BTU as well as the Midwest, and here he explains why events like Dallas SMTA are must-attend shows for him. We also discuss the welcome arrival of more young people in this industry. 

Andy Shaughnessy: Isaiah, tell me about your role with BTU.

Isaiah Smith: I cover sales all the way from the Dakotas to Texas to Mississippi.

Shaughnessy: Have you been to SMTA Dallas before?

Smith: No. Usually I’m an East Coast guy. This is the first position where I actually cover the Midwest; this is new territory, so I’m trying to make sure I’m well known in this industry and in this location as well.

Shaughnessy: How long have you been with BTU? 

Smith: I’ve been here a little less than a year. I was with Koh Young for three years, and before that with ITW for six years.

Shaughnessy: What new technology are all working on?

Smith: Our niche is building real quality equipment. BTU is known in the industry for developing units that just run forever. We specialize in reflow equipment—any type of belt, furnace, or belt oven. We sell ovens with different zones, mostly in the SMT world, but we also do high-temperature equipment.

Shaughnessy: What trends are you seeing in the industry?

Smith: One thing I’ve noticed is that the industry is finally looking a little younger, actually. At IPC APEX EXPO, I saw a lot of new faces and I hope to see that trend continue on. We have a really great industry, and everyone knows each other, but it needs to get younger at some point. I see that trend occurring now.

Shaughnessy: That’s something I’ve noticed here at SMTA Dallas.

Smith: Yes, very much so. I see a lot of faces I’m not familiar with and I’ve been introducing myself to a lot of new people.

Shaughnessy: You’re one of the younger people here. 

Smith: Yes. I started in the industry in 2009 as an SMT process engineer, and then I worked my way up to sales. 

Shaughnessy: Will BTU do more of these local SMTA Expos?

Smith: Yes. As I said, because I am new to the territory, I want to make sure I’m a constant presence at these shows. You’ll see me at more of them. I will make sure I’m well known in this part of the country, where I’ve never really focused before.

Shaughnessy: Thanks for talking with me. It is nice to meet some younger folks at an industry event. 

Smith: I appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by.



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