Murray Percival Co. Offers Nordson Assure to Improve Customers’ Efficiency

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The Murray Percival Company has announced another successful installation of a Nordson Assure Component Counter to a satisfied customer within its Midwest territory. The sale was facilitated by veteran Business Development Manager Dave Meert.

The Nordson Assure Component Counter is a true plug-and-play solution that accurately counts components to improve component management and eliminate line-down situations. With its advanced technology and high-speed operation, the Nordson Assure Component Counter offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for manufacturing facilities of all sizes.

According to Meert, “Component counters are essential tools for electronics manufacturers because they provide an efficient and accurate way to quickly count components. This also helps to ensure accurate inventory and streamlined kitting process of SMT parts.”

He added, “By investing in a Nordson Assure Component Counter, our customer has taken a proactive approach to organizing their inventory. This machine will help them to increase efficiency, reduce line down situations, and improve overall production.”

Keeping track of live component inventory is as important as ever in the SMT world. Nordson Assure users can rest easy knowing their inventory is correct and their kitting process is as efficient as possible. Whether a small contract manufacturer or a large OEM, the main goal is to keep the SMT lines running. “It’s not about counting a component that costs a penny,” said Meert. “It’s about preventing a line from stopping because you’re missing a penny component.”

The Nordson Assure is not only plug-and-play, but it also has automatic barcode detection, group counting, configurable reporting, and BOM import and offers a remote control station, allowing a component reel to be accurately counted in under 10 seconds and four reels to be accurately counted in under 15 seconds. Assure is the most reliable way to implement live component inventory management into an organization. Intelligent, simple, fast, and trustworthy, Assure enables increased productivity while minimizing component shortage downtime.


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