Pemtron Wins 2023 EM Innovation Award for Its TWIN 3D AOI System

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Pemtron Technology, an inspection equipment developer and supplier, is pleased to announce that it received a 2023 EM Innovation Award in the category of Inspection – AOI for its EAGLE 3D 8800 TWIN 3D Automated Optical Inspection system. The award was announced at a ceremony that took place April 14, 2023 during productronica China in Shanghai.

Steven Wongsonvanee, Pemtron General Manager – Americas, stated, “I am honored to announce that Pemtron has won the 2023 EM Innovation Award for the TWIN 3D AOI System. This cutting-edge technology represents a major step forward in automated optical inspection.”

The EAGLE 3D 8800 TWIN AOI uses 12-way projection on both sides for 3D measurements on all models to minimize errors due to shadow effects and performs 100% 2D & 3D concurrently in all FOV areas. This significantly reduces false calls while providing near-perfect detection. With the TWIN, Pemtron introduces Top/Bottom Double Sided simultaneous inspection. Pemtron’s new head type has been upgraded from the existing head for 3D formation that is identical to the real image and is more stable based on the accumulated technology for decades.

Established in 2006, the EM Innovation Awards program strives to recognize and celebrate excellence in the Asian electronics industry, inspiring companies to achieve the highest standards and push the industry forward.


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