American Standard Circuits to Launch Global Sourcing Column

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American Standard Circuits announces a new column from its head of global sourcing, Bob Duke. In the new column, “Global Sourcing Spotlight,” Duke discusses the various aspects of global sourcing and offers advice on how to get started. His 40+ years of industry experience, especially as principal at M-Wave Controls, have provided him a wealth of insight into the topic.

The new column will cover topics such as how to find, survey, and qualify the right offshore partners; moldings, transformers, batteries and other products and services; suggestions on how to develop strong and productive partnerships with those companies; how to ensure getting the very best value from partnerships.

“This column will be a resource for those looking to operate on a global platform,” Duke says. “My intention is to offer advice on how to successfully set up their own supply chain and make sure that all the links in that chain are as efficient, strong and long-lasting as possible. My hope is that people will read the column and reach out to me with questions regarding their own global sourcing challenges.”

The first Global Sourcing Spotlight is scheduled to be published by I-Connect007 in May 2023.

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