Brook Anco Corp. Exhibits TAGARNO Digital Microscopes at Design-2-Part Florida

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TAGARNO announced that its representative, Brook Anco Corporation, will exhibit at Design-2-Part Florida, scheduled to take place May 2-3, 2023 at the Orlando Convention Center. Brook Anco will showcase the TAGARNO FRONT and TAGARNO ZIP Digital USB Microscopes, along with the TAGARNO TREND Digital USB + HDMI Microscope in Booth #406.

TAGARNO FRONT is a smart and user-friendly digital microscope with an extensive range of intelligent and intuitive software applications. What sets it apart is its unique design. Regardless of your working depth or magnification level of choice, the microscope will create ultra sharp and sturdy images, allowing operators to perform accurate and high quality analyses with little interference from nearby movements.

TAGARNO TREND is a powerful tool for demanding professionals in need of a documentation microscope, precision microscope, or automation microscope. TAGARNO delivers intelligent and smart digital microscopes – also known as a computer microscope or digital camera microscope. The HD video microscope features built-in software, optical zoom, high frame rates and 1080p image quality.   

With more than 250X, the TREND takes quality control to the next level. Customize the digital microscope with powerful and specialized software apps. Optimize processes for your specific tasks and use the camera to maximize efficiency, enhance quality of work, and make routines faster.

The TAGARNO ZIP is a great entry product for those new to the world of digital microscopy. The microscope is small and simple with more than 50X magnification and USB 3.0. Its user-friendly design makes it ideal for magnification tasks that do not require advanced features or software. With a reduced set of features, ZIP comes with lower buy-in costs without affecting the image quality.


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