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Hiring the right employees is always a challenge, and perhaps never more so than in today’s business environment. Between a decline in technical expertise in the candidate pool, and a shortage of hirable staff in general, EMS companies are developing new methods for finding and training a skilled workforce. In this issue, we zero in on the interplay between hiring and training–how do you train someone you’ve just hired so they can be effective on the manufacturing floor? What are the resources available to you?

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Catching a Cool Vibe in Del Mar

05/04/2023 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
The Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show in late April attracted a strong crowd, and for good reason. This show, which started in 1995 and attracts approximately 400 exhibitors, takes a refreshing approach: It’s at the local fairgrounds, so the vibe is cool, relaxed and easier on the pocketbook. Attendance hasn’t yet reached the highest pre-COVID levels, but show organizer Doug Bodenstab said registrations improved over last year.

The Solder Tip

05/03/2023 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
During the recent SMTA Boise Expo & Tech Forum, I spoke about hand soldering with Craig Morris, an area sales manager at JBC Tools, a company that has served the global electronics industry for decades. In this interview, Craig shares some of the latest developments in his company’s soldering tool, which allows the technician to use time, technique, and temperature to improve the finished product.

Trends in SMT Cleaning

04/04/2023 | Barry Matties, I-Connect007
During SMTA Dallas Expo, I had the chance to interview Mike Gunderson, a solutions expert at MaRC Technologies, about the trends in cleaning, what this means for Factory 4.0, and why his company brought equipment to the show this year.

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