18th Annual SMT VISION Awards Winners

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These winning products and services demonstrate user friendliness, innovation, cost effective operation and maintenance, and an improvement to SMT manufacturing processes.


PLACE-N-BOND Pick and Place Underfilm from Alltemated is a solid thermoplastic film cut to size to make preforms. It is packaged in standard tape and reel, enabling pre-forms to be placed onto the PCB at part placement on any standard pick-and-place machine from a standard feeder. It eliminates all additional equipment and secondary processes associated with traditional corner bonds, edge bonds, and underfills, which reduces man hours and maintenance costs and provides energy savings. It also eliminates PCB preheat requirements. PLACE-N-BOND has been used in over 1 billion placements. Alltemated, www.alltemated.com/

Assembly Tools

The Ultra HD is a large-format, high-density, flexible board support line. As circuit boards continue to become more densely populated and thinner, it has been a challenge to provide enough support during the printing and placement process. Inadequate support will lead to defects, including solder bridging, shorts, insufficiencies, misaligned placement, tombstoning, and missing components. By eliminating the need for machined custom tooling plates that have faster end-of-life, the Ultra HD cuts down on disposal, metal usage, energy use, and waste. Implementation of the Ultra HD will also reduce required floor space. Production Solutions, www. productionsolutions.com

Cleaning Equipment

The Trident Quad from Aqueous Technologies is capable of removing all flux types including rosin, water soluble, and all no-cleans from both eutectic and lead-free applications. Trident high-yield defluxing systems are equipped with multiple (2-4) autonomous defluxing chambers. Each chamber is controlled by a dedicated computer controller and may be operated with different defluxing chemistries for maximum flexibility. Trident Quad's operational costs average 80% less than comparable in-line cleaners. Aqueous Technologies, www.aqueoustech.com

Cleaning Materials

How do we clean a large number of very difficult lead-free and no-clean soils with an economical and eco-responsible material? Kyzen's AQUANOX A4703 neutral pH aqueous cleaning chemistry is neutral and effective at concentrations as low as 3%, while being environmentally friendly at a low cost of ownership. The Kyzen Applications Laboratory has evaluated AQUANOX A4703 for effective removal of nearly 300 soldering materials. Kyzen, www.kyzen.com

Design Software

Complying with environmental regulations and directives has become a challenging task for electronics OEMs. There are frequent changes to RoHS regulations and exemptions; REACH regulates more than 30,000 substances and the SVHC Candidate list may be revised up to twice a year; and large OEMs are developing their own unique requirements. For these reasons, GreenSoft believes that the best way to manage declarations is to collect, whenever possible, full disclosure material information for all components. GreenData Manager-REACH from GreenSoft also collects REACH SVHC statements, RoHS Certificates of Compliance, lifecycle data, manufacturing process data, and much more. GreenData Manager-REACH helps to manage and analyze all of this information. GreenSoft, http://www.greensofttech.com/

Device Programming

The FlashCORE III programming engine from DATA I/O solves the problem of not being able to program large data files in a timely fashion. The FlashCORE III is the first programming engine to support device and image data sizes greater than 4 Gigabytes, while maintaining programming speeds near the theoretical limit of the device. In addition to fast programming speed, the FlashCORE III supports fast data downloads over the Ethernet network to facilitate quick job setup and short changeover times, enabling efficient production. Data I/O Corporation, http://www.data-io.com/index.asp

Dispensing Equipment

The Ultimus V high-precision dispenser takes Nordson EFD's proven air-powered dispensing technology to a new level of accuracy and performance, and has been designed for use in both benchtop and automated dispensing applications. All dispensing parameters, including time, pressure, and vacuum, are electronically regulated for exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Using the Ultimus V dispenser's Interactive PC Software and onboard memory cells, a particular fluid's viscosity curve can be mapped and the dispensing parameters calculated to accommodate changes in fluid viscosity. The Ultimus V will then automatically adjust dispensing parameters after a predetermined number of seconds or dispense cycles to keep deposit size consistent. Nordson EFD, www.nordson.com/en-us/divisions/efd/pages/default.aspx

Electronics Manufacturing & Design Services

Victron Managed/Vendor Owned Inventory Program (VMVO Program) is unique in that EMS provider Victron manages the inventory with the use of its own employees and its proprietary inventory control system. Victron's employees help eliminate the need for supplier's personnel in-house and the need to manage systems across multiple platforms of suppliers. Victron's quality and cost effective printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) operations are designed to meet a high mix of product lines with varied volume and complexity. Victron, http://www.victron.com/

Environmentally Friendly

The Trident Quad from Aqueous Technologies is capable of removing all flux types including rosin, water soluble, and all no-cleans from both eutectic and lead-free applications. Trident high-yield defluxing systems are equipped with multiple (2-4) autonomous defluxing chambers. Each chamber is controlled by a dedicated computer controller and may be operated with different defluxing chemistries for maximum flexibility. Trident Quad's operational costs average 80% less than comparable in-line cleaners. Aqueous Technologies, www.aqueoustech.com


RapidView Inspection from Speedline allows customers using Speedline screen printers to perform post-print solder paste inspection, at a rate of up to three and half times faster than the standard Speed Vision Inspection system. Inspection times to inspect 100% of a typical cell phone PCB went from 70.6 seconds with Speed Vision to 20.7 seconds with RapidView Inspection. In the past, especially for larger boards, it may not have been practical to inspect 100% of the board after printing while the board is still in the screen printer. RapidView Inspection makes 100% on-printer inspection a viable option for a number of board types and sizes. Speedline Technologies, http://www.speedlinetech.com/index.aspx


Shrinking lead pitch and increased signal integrity demands have made lead-free connector assembly for telecommunication and high-end computing more challenging. Yield with traditional IR assembly methods have failed to keep pace. The ECAT (Edge Connector Assembly Tool) Reflow System from VJ Technologies provides a cost-effective method with high yield and throughput. The ECAT system uses an innovative variation of a design implemented decades ago for QFP devices. The proprietary linear heaters provide unmatched thermal response, allowing profiles to be tuned to the specific requirements of each assembly. When paired with VJT's SierraMat software, process development is quick and easy. The ECAT system is an energy-efficient solution for lead-free soldering. In addition, built-in fume containment and extraction protects users and the environment from potentially harmful smoke and particulates from soldering. VJ Technologies, http://www.vjt.com/

Pick and Place

Assembléon's MC-24X is a new pick-and-place machine with a footprint of 27 square feet, almost half the footprint of competitive models in its class. The output of the MC-24X has been designed for 54,000 components per hour (CPH), using 96 intelligent feeder positions. Saving the end user 1 machine if you need an output of >60,000 components per hour in high-component-mix applications. Assembléon, http://www.assembleon.com/

Printing Equipment

Transitioning from a single-lane manufacturing mentality to the dual-lane approach is difficult due to the fact that there is added expense for the shuttles and limitations for the redeploy ability of the dedicated dual-lane equipment. The Speedline MPM Momentum Dual Lane solution allows for near infinite flexibility, eliminating extraneous shuttles. The Dual Lane machines can be deployable in any environment initially or subsequently. While other Dual Lane printer products contain rails with 2 fixed mount positions, Speedline can move all rails under software control and accommodate the full variety of board sizes as well as automated conversion from a single lane printer to a dual lane printer. Speedline Technologies, http://www.speedlinetech.com/mpm/index.aspx

Process Control

MSS Suite for PCB Assembly from Valor drives all systems from a centralized open database architected specifically for the electronics industry. Every application takes advantage of real-time information gathered from automated systems; information that has been cross-linked to leverage value across the entire value chain from the supply of materials to kitting, process planning, assembly, inspection, test, box build, final quality control (QC), and shipping. The result is real-time control and instant visibility of actionable intelligence. Valor, http://www.valor.com/en.aspx

Rework and Repair (Tie)

The Martin Expert 10.6XL from Finetech is an under-heating system that combines IR radiation with convection. The Expert 10.6XL is more powerful than its predecessor 09.6XL, due to its revolutionary hybrid design, and it is housed in an elegantly stylish enclosure. It is a package that combines a powerful 5000W hybrid under-heater in a compact control unit. The unit is especially suitable for the repair of large PCBs, such as high value server boards up to 490 × 600 mm. Martin, a Finetech company, http://www.martin-smt.de/

Rework and Repair (Tie)

Unlike metal stencils, which can be used to "bump" the component, the StencilMate from BEST Inc. remains in intimate contact with the component during the printing process. In addition, the stay-in-place feature of the board stencil keeps the apertures of the stencil aligned allowing the user multiple printing passes. Both features of the stay in place StencilMate allow for a very consistent past volume to deposited onto the lands of the reworked device thereby increasing the yield of the rework process. BEST Inc., http://www.solder.net/

Soldering Equipment

The SMT Vacuum Plus N2 module from SMT Wertheim is an independent unit that can be integrated in an SMT reflow soldering system. The Vacuum Plus unit is positioned immediately after the peak zone, and can be utilized when required (the vacuum process is centrally controlled and can be switched on or off). The continuous reflow pass is then automatically switched to vacuum operation. The product is exposed to a vacuum for a short period of time during the soldering process (cycle time between 60–90 seconds). Voids in the solder joint are reduced to a minimum, which improves quality. SMT-Wertheim, http://www.smt-wertheim.de/en/smt.html

Solder Materials

SN100C (040) halogen- and lead-free flux-cored wire from Nihon Superior is an effective solution in preventing tin whiskers, which are due to corrosion of the solder surface. In testing, no Sn whiskers were observed when exposed for 1,000 hours under the condition of 85°C/85% temperature and humidity. SN100C (040) is completely halogen-free, which means there is no F, Cl, Br or I hidden or locked up in the chemistry intentionally. The SN100C alloy delivers a silver-free stable microstructure that can accommodate the long-term and impact strains to which a solder joint can be subjected. Nihon Superior Co. Ltd., http://www.nihonsuperior.co.jp/english/


Acculogic's FLS980Dxi Flying Scorpion flying probe system is designed for maximum test coverage and access. Shrinking component sizes and denser packaging technologies are posing new challenges to test. FLS980Dxi uses highly repeatable closed loop linear motor drives and joystick-like variable angle probe modules (0° to 6°) to maximize physical access and guarantee repeatable probing of fine-pitch devices and small components like 0201 and 01005s. FLS 980Dxi is a double-sided, multi-probe (16) Flying Probe system with 3D probing, analog, digital and boundary scan test capability on all probes (top and bottom side). Acculogic, http://www.acculogic.com/   SMT

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