New Soldering Equipment, Software, and Services

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These soldering systems include selective, wave, and reflow ovens and accessories such as nitrogen generators and solder pot service carts. Additional products include reflow profilers and calibration services, as well as a solder paste analyzer and analysis services.Wave Soldering System

The GoWave 1030 wave soldering system was redesigned for low-volume production on leaded and lead-free applications. The GoWave 1030 is an entry-level mass-soldering system, soldering small- or medium-sizes batches. It offers a fluxing module, an efficient and powerful pre-heater, an proprietary soldering area and a microprocessor control. The redesigned system features a longer reflection tunnel over both the preheat area and the solder pot to promote better energy transfer to the board. The cabinet also has been redesigned as one unit, rather than two separate units. Its new spray flux nozzle with HVLP technology controls the quantity and spray pattern of the flux. The GoWave 1030 uses a new PCS 707 touchscreen controller and USB interface. The service points for the fluxer and compressed air are now located directly at the inlet section of the machine. The enhanced system also features a new switch cabinet and updated pump motor, as well as a redesigned exhaust area and conveyor system. SEHO Systems GmbH,

Selective Soldering Service Cart for Pot Change-out

This Service Cart is designed to speed and simplify swapping or change-out of solder pots for the KISS family of selective soldering machines. The stable cart reportedly makes solder pot exchange simpler, faster, safer, and reduces operator effort. Since the new pot is already pre-heated via a built-in warmer, the solder can be molten and ready to run in a matter of minutes once set in place inside the soldering machine. The cart suits contract manufacturers (CMs) using multiple solders to meet a variety of customer specifications. The ACE solder pot weighs 30 lbs. ACE Production Technologies Inc.

Dual-lane Reflow Oven

The Dual Lane Reflow Oven provides high- and low-volume SMT soldering in one reflow unit. The oven features flexible production in parallel and is compatible for lead-free and leaded SMT. The system reportedly reduces operating costs and saves 47% in required floor space compared to traditional dual-lane production lines. The oven contains two independent conveyor lanes and two heating areas. A total of 18 independently programmable heating zones, with top- and bottom-side heating areas, ensure temperature profile flexibility. The conveyor speeds and widths are both independently controlled and adjustable. This latest generation system allows soldering of two different products with different thermal requirements side-by-side with only one reflow soldering system. The system also features LowMass conveyor technology and Tangential fan blower technology. SEHO Systems GmbH,

Reflow Calibration

The M.O.L.E. Calibration Contracts with Options keep ECD reflow profiling tools in calibration, reminding users when to recalibrate, recalibrating faster, for less money. Available for most ECD thermal profilers, the calibration contracts are designed to eliminate downtime during calibration. Available in three levels — Basic, Express, and Premium — the contracts range from one to three years. Some of the features available are pre-pay discounts, pre-paid quick-turn shipping, and no-charge repair of incidental issues up to either $100 or $200, depending on the plan. With the Premium Plan, a loaner reflow profiler is also included to avoid any downtime. ECD, 

Wave Soldering Machine

The EWS-310 wave soldering machine offers a compact footprint, continuous PCB width adjustment for boards up to 12″ (310 mm) wide, and process control and parameter monitoring tools. The company states that EWS-310 total machine power consumption is at least 10% less than comparable models. Its L finger handling mechanism allows for efficient, pallet-less board transport. The LCD touch screen with graphic user interface (GUI) provides user-friendly operational control of programming and parameter adjustment. Maintenance and cleaning are enabled by the streamlined design and welded steel frame construction. APS Novastar LLC,

Solder Paste Analyzer Tests to SMART Group Standard

The SPA 1000 solder paste analyzer tests to the recently released SMART Group standard SG PCT01, “Control of Solder Paste used in Electronic Assembly Process.” The SG PCT01 Standard provides a user-friendly test procedure that may be conducted in less than 1 hour, and is intended to help electronics assemblers to determine the suitability of solder paste prior to production. The tests show the actual useful life of the paste that will help to reduce waste and reduce environmental impact. The new standardized test is designed to eliminate multiple separate tests that would previously have been performed by separate instruments. The SPA 1000 provides fast and accurate testing to the new SMART Group standard to help control and manage solder paste in the production process. The test methods employed by the new standard are adaptations of the methods used by paste manufacturers found in IPC-TM-650, IPC J-STD004/5 and IEC 61189-5. They assess solder paste for slump, spread, wetting, tack, and balling. Gathered data also provides the “open time” that the selected paste offers. SMART Group,; quoting document reference SGPCT01. Ascentech LLC,

Profiling Kit

This reflow profiling kit contains all the necessary accessories for profiling a PCB including thermocouples (TCs), aluminum tape, gloves, scissors, pick, and more. The Profiling Kit is an extension to the Explorer profiler series with quick and convenient profiling. It is designed to help set up the oven quickly and make sure that each product is processed in spec. KIC,

Nitrogen-generation Equipment

Juki Corporation signed an exclusive partnership with South-Tek Systems, a nitrogen generator engineering and manufacturing company. Under the agreement, South-Tek Systems will supply the nitrogen generating equipment necessary for Juki’s selective soldering machines, including the FlexSolder W150. South-Tek Systems specializes in engineering and manufacturing nitrogen generators. Use of a Nitrogen Generator on-site is a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient alternative to liquid nitrogen gas cylinder deliveries. The FlexSolder W150 is a traditional mini-wave soldering machine that can handle dual mini-waves for simultaneous or individual use. It can solder large connections or other devices without changing nozzles. The FlexSolder S3532 is a high-speed soldering machine used in high-volume applications such as automotive. Juki will offer these nitrogen generation units as a package with any of its selective soldering solutions. South-Tek Systems, and Juki Corporation,

Lab Services

Conventional 63/37, SN100C lead-free and SAC305 alloys can be analyzed at FCT Assembly’s facility, where the company also manufactures a full line of leaded and lead-free solder products. The company supplies SN100C and 63/37 solder bars, leaded and lead-free solder pastes, SN100C solder wire, fluxes for leaded and lead-free applications and accessory products. Other services offered at the facility include wet analysis of plating baths and surface analysis of white tin, OSP, and lead-free HAL. Same-day quotes and 24-hour turnaround also are available. FCT Assembly,



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