New Products for Component Placement: Chipshooters, Kitting, Pick-and-place and More

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APS Novastar introduces off-line placement programming; Toshiba Teli America debuts a high-speed/high-precision machine vision system for pick and place; Universal Instruments intros a line management software package for new and existing component placement machines; Production Solutions offers a center board support; and Manncorp debuts a lower-cost pick-and-place option for prototyping or incorporation on high-volume lines. Off-line SMT Placement Programming SoftwareSMTrue Run Optimize off-line programming and management software module is designed for use with LS, LE, and CS automated SMT pick-and-place machines, SMTrue Run Optimize Software incorporates Universal CAD Translator with the functionality of off-line job and feeder set-up, programming, optimization, and management before the engineer, operator, or technician uses the machine. The software enables the user to become familiar with pick and place operations, feeder management, and cycle-time optimization in an off-line engineering mode. The module converts industry-standard text-delimited CAD files into a machine-friendly component, location, and orientation database. It enables off-line pick-and-place machine programming in an easy-to-learn engineering mode for manufacturing engineers, operations managers, and production managers, while machine operators are simultaneously completing ongoing production runs. APS Novastar LLC, Machine Vision for Pick-and-place OperationsThe CleverDragon CSC12M25BMP19 is a CMOS-based machine vision camera with a proprietary 12-megapixel 1.9″ CMOS monochrome progressive scan sensor. The camera offers HXGA 4096 (H) × 3072 (V) pixel resolution at 25-frames-per-second (fps) full-frame speed. By combining high-speed readout and ultra-high resolution with sharp image quality, along with signal-to-noise ratio that is close to a traditional CCD, the camera provides the fine detail for more accurate X/Y coordinates of parts and greater overall throughput. The 12MP camera boasts high mechanical precision with ultra shock resistance for high shock and vibration environments with controls in place for high optical axis accuracy. The CSC12M25BMP19 features an electronic global shutter to capture clear images of moving parts on fast assembly lines. The camera’s Window of Interest (WOI) function can be programmed to display a maximum of 28 region of interest windows within a single image, which can then be selected via a PC as only those windows that are to be read out, increasing fps rate. Other key features include large square pixels (6.0 × 6.0µm), an aspect ratio of 4:3, high sensitivity of 2000 lx (F5.6), wide dynamic range, and random trigger shutter. Toshiba Teli America Inc., Floor Control SoftwareDimensions Line Manager maximizes line utilization and provides high visibility into production, reducing downtime by up to 75%. Line Manager enables proactive changeover management and parts replenishment while production continues on the line. Dynamic instructions are provided at each machine for feeder destinations during changeover, automatically guaranteeing the correct locations. Line Manager offers a number of tools to manage production. Feeder Low alerts operators when feeders are running low on parts so that a replacement feeder or reel can be prepared before the line stops. Component Traceability records component placements on each board, minimizing the impact of a recall. Consumption monitors part usage and provides real-time data to other factory systems. Reel Quantity Management eliminates manual cycle counting by determining the number of components remaining on each reel. Feeder and Component Tracking modules help operators and kitting specialists locate the feeders and components they need, while maintenance technicians use Feeder Maintenance to manage maintenance and repair activity. Line Manager is a module-based product that can be individually tailored to fit any production environment. Line Manager is available for new Universal Surface Mount Platforms. There is also an available upgrade path for previous generations of machines. Universal Instruments Corporation, www.uic.comCenter SupportThe RED-E-SET Center Support product is an installed center support for pick-and-place machines. The new Center Support provides next-generation automatic board support for center support in pick-and-place machines. Features of the Red-E-Set Center Support include manual or automatic lock, reportedly easy install, and strips can be added as needed. The system supports a range of board widths, as well as lengths up to 24″. Production Solutions Inc., www.production-solutions.comHigh-Mix PlacerThe 7722FV pick-and-place machine offers a range of capabilities and versatility at a lower cost. The 7722FV will mount most fine-pitch components. With on-the-fly top vision standard, the placement accuracy for chips, including 0402s, is ±0.1 mm. Bottom vision delivers ±0.05-mm accuracy in mounting SOICs, QFPs, and BGAs to 40 mm2 with a 15-mil fine-pitch capability. The system offers 56 feeder capacity and 6,000 dots-per-hour dispense option for prototyping and low-volume demands and suits OEMs bringing PCB assembly in-house. In higher-volume assemblies, it can also be used whenever modifications are required within the same board run. The 7722FV incorporates similar feeder and vision systems as higher-end models, as well as user-intuitive software with CAD download for faster programming. Manncorp, .



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