IPC Midwest: Exhibits Preview II

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IPC Midwest begins next week in Schaumburg, IL, with the exhibit hall open September 23 and 24. Following are many new and highlighted products from a sampling of this year’s exhibitors, including ICT systems from Agilent and Digitaltest; cleaning products from Ascentech, Aqueous, Kyzen, and Zeston, pick-and-place machines from Essemtech, Europlacer, and Juki; and other products like XRF inspection tools and 0% halogen solder pastes.

In-Circuit TesterThe Medalist i3070 Series 5 in-circuit test (ICT) platform offers new analog measurement technology together with a 12-MHz hybrid pin card, giving a reported 20 to 30% throughput improvement over the current i3070. The ICT system also offers a new infrastructure that allows manufacturers to incorporate external circuits easily for added test coverage while providing better control of those circuits. Instead of having multiple sets of external circuits in multiple fixtures, manufacturers can put the external circuits in the testhead. Agilent has identified partners to provide high-speed flash programming solutions, LED testing and boundary-scan solutions via these external circuits. Current users of i3070 and 3070 PC systems can run most of their ICT programs on the new tester. Fixtures built since the introduction of the 3070 remain compatible. The Series 5 ICT system addresses in-circuit and functional test needs including IEEE1149.6 boundary-scan standard testing and limited-access test applications for highly complex and small-footprint boards in sophisticated consumer electronics, data communication, automotive, aerospace and defense and medical applications. The test system reliably tests low-voltage components. Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A), Booth 802.

Ultrsonic SMT Stencil Aperture CleanerGENSONIC, manufactured by GEN3 Systems Ltd., is a manually operated ultrasonic generator equipped with a single 40kHz transducer unit for cleaning stencils used in printing solder pastes. An additional transducer head can be employed for tougher applications. The Gensonic can be used in process, directly on the printer or off-line at the Gensonic Work Station. The Gensonic stencil cleaning system is designed to offer effective, economical aperture cleaning. Ascentech LLC, Booth 633.

Printing SystemThe Horizon 03i printing system offers 6-sigma performance, alignment capability of 2 Cpk @ ±12.5 µm and a core cycle time of 12 seconds. The system can be field-retrofitted with additional features such as high-throughput under-stencil cleaning, print verification technology, automatic board support, dispense capability, and other modules. Operation and control of the Horizon is directed by DEK’s intuitive touch screen Instintiv V9 user interface. At IPC Midwest, the company will demonstrate the Horizon 03i with Cyclone high-throughput under-stencil cleaning technology, Stinger printer-adaptable dispense system, HawkEye 1700 print verification tool, HD Grid-Lok automatic tooling, and the DEK paste roll height monitor. Also on display will be the VectorGuard frameless stencil system, ProFlow enclosed head print, optimized cleaning chemistries, and defect-reducing under-stencil cleaning fabrics. DEK, Booth 324.

ICT SystemThe MTS30 is a 19″ rack-mount in-circuit test system that performs analog and digital tests in a chassis that can be configured in a "rack and stack" mode. It offers functional testing with LabVIEW. Users of National Instruments Lab VIEW and Test Stand as well as PXI can now extend their existing functional testers with the MTS30. Other options, like the integration of National Instruments Modular Instruments into Digitaltest systems series MTS 300, are currently being evaluated. Four slots accommodate up to 512 analog or 256 hybrid test pins. Bus communication is achieved via CAN,I2C,RS232, RS485, etc. It performs ICT, full functional test, memory programming, and boundary scan. The MTS30 can also include another 19" rack capable of holding up to 6 UPS power supplies. The company also will highlight new services available, such as reverse engineering to recover the design of the board and be able to repair and/or re-manufacture the PCBs again. Digitaltest developed a specific tool for reverse engineering named Digitizer. With the help of the Digitizer the board data is re-created and all the connectivity is discovered. A CAD file for the board can then be generated that has all the board components and nets and that can be used in repair and/or re-manufacture. Digitaltest can also provide the board schematics. Another new service is contract board testing, including applications, test program generation, debug and fixture build. Digitaltest can use any test programs and fixtures from all manufacturers such as GenRad, Teradyne, Agilent (HP), etc. Digitaltest, Booth 325.

Ionic Contamination (Cleanliness) TesterThe Zero-Ion G3 is designed to test electronics assemblies for ionic contamination. It automatically removes and detects contamination on an electrical assembly or bare board and provides quantitative contamination measurements. The Zero-Ion uses a dynamic technology that provides automatic regeneration of the machine’s test solution, maintaining a high degree of test solution sensitivity. The tester meets the requirements of military and commercial cleanliness testing standards including MIL 2000A, IPC test method 001, MIL-C-28809, MIL-P-55110 and IPC TM650-2.3.26. It has been reviewed by the U.S. Naval Air Weapons Center and determined to be the most sensitive ionic contamination tester available. The Zero-Ion also has been determined to be 3.7× more sensitive than the manual resistivity of solvent extract (R.O.S.E.) test. The Zero-Ion performs cleanliness tests automatically and is capable of storing 50 test parameters within its internal controller. Aqueous Technologies Corp., Booth 411.

Component Placement SystemThe PANFLEX2, a highly flexible high-speed pick-and-place machine, places chips from 0201 to 50 x 50 mm fine-pitch QFPs. Electronic components positioning is accomplished with quick laser optic and vision systems. PANFLEX2 comes with a standard vision system. PANFLEX2 consists of two parallel operating placing modules that are connected via a multistage conveyor. Each module is responsible for part of placing, and together they achieve a capacity of 12,000 CPH. The common transportation system is equipped with a SMEMA interface. Up to 190 various components can be prepared simultaneously. Electronic components used at several orders can remain on the machine constantly. The system is compact with small, highly flexible feeders. The motorized, intelligent component-cassettes are quick and interchangeable during operation. They can be programmed off-line by barcode reader and will be identified by the pick-and-place machine automatically. The same software is used in all Essemtec pick-and-place machines so that programs and libraries can be exchanged easily. With the universal CAD-interface coordinate lists, software can be changed into finished placement programs quickly. An integrated virtual-view function allows users to check these programs before placement with the actual printing board. FLX feeders, programs and libraries are completely compatible. Essemtec, Booth 704.

PCB and Stencil Cleaner AQUANOX A4241 PCB and stencil cleaner is an aqueous cleaning solution designed with an inhibition technology to be effective on tough soils while protecting sensitive parts from etch or darkening. It can be used in a multi-process environment for spray batch, spray in-line, and stencil cleaning processes. A4241 reportedly leaves shiny solder joints with no sump side additives and consistent cleaning results with minimal bath monitoring. It is multi-metal safe including bare aluminum and copper. Nonflammable, noncorrosive, nonhazardous, and biodegradable, the cleaner is compatible with all materials commonly used in electronics assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes. Kyzen Corp., Booth 816. On the A-Line.

Laser Marking SystemThe Basic Laser BLS 01 in-line laser marking system is designed to mark codes, images and clear text directly into the solder resist. The laser and the galvo head are mounted above a conveyor on a programmable X/Y-gantry. The PCB is clamped and secured while the laser is being moved to the pre-programmed X/Y positions and the content is being marked. The laser marker can be configured as an in-line system or with a loader and offloader as a marking island. The BLS01 suits mid-size companies in need of an in-house traceability system. ASYS, Booth 401. On the A-Line.

XRF InspectionThe LeadTracer-RoHS XRF analysis system targets fast, accurate, and portable screening to meet RoHS directives. RMD has added a solder analysis and identification feature to its LeadTracer-RoHS XRF system that accurately identifies all solder alloys within minutes. The LeadTracer-RoHS XRF analyses the entire body of the components in a short period of time, rather than simply carrying out a surface analysis. Analyzing the entire energy spectrum eliminates the possibility of false-negative indications in components. The LeadTracer-RoHS XRF system is available with a sample preparation stand, ergonomically designed and equipped with "quick disconnect" grip to enable users to operate the hand-held, portable LeadTracer-RoHS as a benchtop unit. RMD Instruments, Booth 504.

Bath Concentration Monitoring ToolZESTRON Bath Analyzer helps users monitor their actual cleaning bath concentration to reduce overall consumption. The ZESTRON Bath Analyzer has been developed to supplement the use of refractometers and it reportedly offers better process control in a cost-effective manner. It is confirmed to be almost as accurate as gas chromatography. Total process time is about 10 minutes, without needing to cool down the cleaning bath. It helps minimizes the overall consumption of the cleaning bath by keeping the concentration at the initially required values with a certainty of up to 100%. It reportedly guarantees steady concentration values. ZESTRON America, Booth 625.

Placement SystemThe IINEO-2 SMT platform is a flexible, dual-gantry SMT assembler with higher feeder count, increased board size, and increased maximum component height over previous systems. The platform uses turret heads, intelligent feeders, powerful software, linear motors, and digital cameras. IINEO-2 is configurable to have 8 or 12 spindle rotary heads, 1 or 2 board positioning mechanisms, oversized board options, feeders in front and rear or front only. It handles 2.4 × 2.4 mm to 18 × 24 mm PCBs with thickness of 0.019 to 0.18". It uses full-edge clamping with fiducial correction, and features a SMEMA interface. The dual-head configuration provides 2 nozzle holders, each with 40 positions in a smart nozzle tool bank. IINEO-2 features standard placement accuracy of 35 µm (QFPs) to 60 µm (chips), intelligent feeders from 8 through 88 mm tapes and an intelligent beltfeeder for sticks, and matrix tray holder. Maximum placement rate is 14,000–26,000 CPH. Component range is from 01005 to 2.75" in QFP/BGA, connectors up to 4". Options include glue dispense with Archimedean screw, electrical test, fixed camera, conveyor auto-width adjustment, special nozzle magazine (Universal gripper nozzle), supplemental nozzle holders, and more. This platform is accompanied by software products such as Multi-job optimisation, a highly functional optimizer that determines one setup for multiple job processing. Because of the high feeder count available, this software option eliminates frequent changeover, optimizing delivery and quality performance. The other software product is Wireless Stock Management, which links to the user’s ERP, maintaining complete visibility and fast access to all inventory on the production floor including passive storage racks. Europlacer, Booth 513.

Component Placement MachineThe KE-2080 high-speed flexible mounter includes an updated head design with six nozzles and a separate head that places components from an upward-looking camera post-inspection. Sixth-generation, the modular system includes magnascale resolution down to 1 µm, an LNC-60 high-resolution laser centering system, and one piece SuperCast single-cast base. It is capable of placing 01005s. The KE-2080 introduces the Load Cell option to measure nozzle placement force for high accuracy, stackable, and fluxing applications. The KE-2080 also introduces new stepper motors in the conveyor system that allows for enhanced speed control for the entire conveyor. The motion control communications have been upgraded from serial communications to fiber optic communications. A USB port is now available. The KE-2080 has been designed to be compatible with existing Juki feeders, trolleys and software. Juki Corporation, Booth 205.

Automation ToolsThese products include the PRO SR-400 low-cost tabletop robotic soldering system, ELC-1100P automatic label placement system with “Print on Demand” and internal PCB flipper, and the enhanced “TC” Series line of transport conveyors. PROMATION, Booth 724.

Solder PasteThe DSP866 no-clean, 0%-total halogen, lead-free solder paste contains 0% total ppm halogens. The product is available in various popular lead-free alloys. Flux classification is ROL0 per JSTD-004. Benefits include good printing characteristics for up to 8 hrs. Field tests show an abandon time of at least 1 hr. Good release is seen on 12-9 mil apertures with print speeds in the range of 1 to 6"/sec. Its non-conductive, non-corrosive, and insulated residues are safe to leave on the board. Fluxing activity levels promote thermal stability and prevent thermal degradation when reflowing under air atmosphere. Qualitek International Inc., Booth 800.

PCB Manufacturing and Supply-chain PartnershipsHigh-reliability performance with dock-to-stock dependability has been enhanced by 21st century manufacturing technology for manufacturing PCBs. Advanced process capability improves quality, increases throughput, and eliminates costly set up activity. The new standard incorporates these features to create a better board at a better price. Dock-To-Stock Supply Chain Solutions offer an alternative approach to managing supply-chain events. The Dock-To-Stock Supply Chain Solutions are based on the performance of Calumet boards and provide solutions that reduce the cost of quality, the cost of inventory, and the cost of lifecycle management. Calumet Electronics Corp. (Calumet), Booth 400.

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