NBS Adds SMT Assembly Line

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September 4, 2009) SANTA CLARA, CA EMS provider NBS installed an additional SMT line at its headquarters facility in Santa Clara, bringing in its fourth fully automated line there.

The new line features Juki's Model FX-3 modular high-speed pick-and-place system, and expands capacity to accommodate all emerging package styles including 01005, 0201, 0402, quad flat pack (QFP), quad flat pack no-lead (QFN), ball grid array (BGA), micro-BGA, and chip scale packages (CSP).

Juki's FX-3 placement system features IPC-rated speed of 60K CPH and fits ultra-high-speed assembly lines with reported accuracy and repeatability at a low cost of ownership (COO). Optimization software and quick-change feeder banks enhance uptime.

For more information on Tier II EMS provider NBS, visit www.nbscorp.com.



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