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The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) will celebrate its 25th anniversary at SMTA International (SMTAI) this year, October 4 through 8 in San Diego. The exhibition will include more than 80 companies. This product preview includes X-ray inspection from Dage; rework from Finetech; reflow process inspection from KIC; PCB and stencil cleaning from Kyzen; automation tools from PROMATION; and pick-and-place from Manncorp and Juki. Look for more SMTAI news and products throughout September and October.

smtaimann.jpgPick-and-Place SystemThe dual-head MC-385 component placement system boasts an IPC-rated speed of up to 5,500 CPH, plus expandability and compatibility features suiting high-mix, mid-volume assembly applications. It uses a Cognex flying vision system instead of stationary bottom vision and provides instantaneous imaging of the undersides of balled components. These devices were previously detoured to a fixed bottom camera, necessitating extra travel for processing CSPs, BGAs and micro-BGAs, QFPs to 12 mils, and flip chips. Traditional bottom vision is used for oversized components to 100 × 50 mm, as well as round or odd form devices and connectors. Chip placement capability includes 0201s and flip chips, while AC motor, linear encoders combined with vision ensure a placement accuracy of ° 0.03 mm. In its inline configuration, 64 smart tape feeders can be installed and up to 128 feeders can be accommodated in the batch mode. The system features high-precision ball-screw X-Y drive and closed-loop servo control with linear encoding. Manncorp, Booth 600.

Rework System The FINEPLACER CRS 10 rework system will be shown reworking 0201 passives, BGAs, and QFN devices, as well as residual solder removal. The Fineplacer CRS 10 compact rework system suits fixed configuration needs, small- to medium-scale series assembly, or highly precise rework of soldered components on medium- to large-size surface mount device (SMD) boards. A plug-and-work design eliminates the need for time-consuming cabling. Other features include a patented Vision Alignment System (VAS) design with stationary beam splitter, controlled Z-height during reflow, lead-free compatibility, and an automated component place and lift-off function. A Controlled Mixed Soldering System (COMISS) reflow module enables top heating and full-area bottom heating. Placement accuracy up to 10 µm enables placement of small components with pitches down to 100 µm, while a large FOV aligns large components with side lengths up to 45 mm without additional optics. Applications include BGA, CSP, microBGA, MLF, QFP, TSOP, PLCC, small passives, connectors, RF shields, shielding frame, flip chip rework, as well as customized applications. FINETECH, Booth 322.

smtaidage.jpgX-ray Inspection SystemThe XD7600NT100 digital X-ray inspection system has 100 nm (0.1 µm) feature recognition for finite analysis. Equipped with a 2M pixel imaging system, the XD7600NT100 offers oblique angle viewing of up to 70° in any position around any point of a 16 × 18" (407 × 458 mm) inspection area without compromising magnification. The XD7600NT100 can also be equipped with Quick View computerized tomography (CT) software providing 3D modeling and volumetric measurement of solder joints, suiting analytical analysis of solder interconnections for stacked die, MEMS, package-in-package (PiP) and package-on-package (PoP). Visitors are invited to bring their sample circuit boards for real-world, live demonstrations of the XD7600NT100 and Quick View CT. Contact Dage to make arrangements prior to the show. Dage Precision Industries, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), Booth 703.

Printing and DispensingEFD Inc., a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), will also exhibit their comprehensive line of application-based printing and dispensing products at Booth 703.

smtaikic.jpgReflow Profile Inspection The Reflow Process Inspection (RPI) system is an in-line process inspection system for SMT reflow ovens. The system is embedded inside the reflow oven and checks the profile of each product processed through the oven to verify whether it conforms to the spec. On a daily basis, the system generates two charts: defects per million opportunities (DPMO) and process yield for the thermal process. KIC, Booth 830.

smtaikyzen.jpgPCB and Stencil Cleaner AQUANOX A4241 PCB and stencil cleaner is an aqueous cleaning solution designed with an inhibition technology to be effective on tough soils while protecting sensitive parts from etch or darkening. It can be used in a multi-process environment for spray batch, spray in-line, and stencil cleaning processes. A4241 reportedly leaves shiny solder joints with no sump side additives and consistent cleaning results with minimal bath monitoring. It is multi-metal safe including bare aluminum and copper. Nonflammable, noncorrosive, nonhazardous, and biodegradable, the cleaner is compatible with all materials commonly used in electronics assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes. Kyzen Corp., Booth 203.

smtaiprom.jpgAutomation ToolsPROMATION will exhibit the PRO SR-400 low-cost table top robotic soldering system, ELC-1100P Automatic Label Placement System with "Print on Demand" and internal PCB flipper, and the enhanced "TC" Series line of transport conveyors. PROMATION will participate in Booths 313 / 315 with local area representatives, Competitive Edge Manufacturing Equipment.

smtaijuki.jpgComponent Placement MachineThe KE-2080 high-speed flexible mounter includes an updated head design with six nozzles and a separate head that places components from an upward-looking camera post-inspection. Sixth-generation, the modular system includes magnascale resolution down to 1 µm, an LNC-60 high-resolution laser centering system, and one piece SuperCast single-cast base. It is capable of placing 01005s. The KE-2080 introduces the Load Cell option to measure nozzle placement force for high accuracy, stackable, and fluxing applications. The KE-2080 also introduces new stepper motors in the conveyor system that allows for enhanced speed control for the entire conveyor. The motion control communications have been upgraded from serial communications to fiber optic communications. A USB port is now available. The KE-2080 has been designed to be compatible with existing Juki feeders, trolleys and software. Juki Corporation, Booth 205.

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