New Facility Improvement Products: Carts, Conveyors, Gas Control, and More

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These new products from Bliss Industries, Matheson Tri-Gas, Terra Universal, Seika, Virtual Industries, and other companies provide component and PCB storage and transportation around the electronics manufacturing facility. Products include chassis carts, MSD storage, barcode labels and readers, stencil frames, and more.

MSD StorageThe HM1001 replacement drying unit upgrade for the DXU-1001 and DXU-1002 McDry cabinets can maintain 1% RH and removes moisture quickly using a zeolite desiccant that does not require replacement. The HM1001 is compliant with the ESD-IEC61340-5-1 standard. The unit features adjustable shelves that can hold up to 220 pounds, and is equipped with a digital RH meter. Other features include drying unit with a fan that quickly dehumidifies, tightly sealing lockable doors, and a door opening/closing frequency of only once every 1020 minutes. The drying units for HM-1001 can be installed into the DXU-1001 or DXU-1002 models, and remove moisture at double the speed. Seika Machinery Inc. (SMI), a subsidiary of Seika Corporation, Japan and member of the Mitsubishi Global Group,

Barcode LabelsXF-300 is a 5-mil coated polyamide (Nylon), pressure-sensitive label material, designed for barcode or alphanumeric identification of connectors, wires, and cables. The material is coated with a high-opacity matte-white topcoat designed for thermal transfer printing. It also can be printed using dot matrix printers, and certain felt-tip or ballpoint pens. XF-300, when printed with an appropriate thermal transfer ribbon, produces labels that withstand harsh industrial environments. It is flexible for labeling curved parts and surfaces, and is coated with a permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Its temperature rating is up to 293°F (145°C) and complies with ROHS, REACH, and halogen-free.

XF-596 (1 mil) and XF-597 (2 mil) high-gloss polyimide label materials for higher barcode print density have been added to the company's Thermogard product line of high-temperature-resistant label materials. XF-596 and XF-597 are coated with a high-opacity gloss-white topcoat designed for thermal transfer printing. When matched with the proper thermal ribbon, labels printed on these products will withstand the high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and solvents typically used in circuit board manufacturing processes. The high-gloss topcoat allows for high barcode printing densities when using 600 dpi thermal transfer printers. Label sizes can be reduced, when compared to standard density barcodes, thereby minimizing the available space needed for product identification. 2D barcodes, such as IDMatrix or PDF417, are also printable. The temperature resistance (rated up to 932°F, or 500°C) is critical for the dimensional stability of the label required for efficient barcode scanning. XF-596 and XF-597 are each laminated with a high-temperature, permanent, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, 1 and 2 mil respectively. These materials are ROHS, REACH and halogen-free compliant.

XF-509 is a 1-mil polyimide Thermogard film coated with a high-opacity black topcoat, and is designed for thermal transfer printing with white-resin-based ribbons. Other colors may be printed on XF-509. XF-509 is laminated with a high-temperature permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive designed for industrial environments. Labels produced with XF-509 withstand the chemicals and temperature extremes widely used in the circuit board manufacturing processes, up to 932°F (500°C). Polyonics' XF-509 is used in situations where reflected light from standard white labels can cause "ghosting," which can hinder finished product performance. XF-509 retains its high dimensional stability at high temperatures and complies with the requirements of ROHS, REACH, and halogen-free. Polyonics,

60554-microscan.jpgBarcode ReadersThe HS-1 and HS-2D handheld barcode readers expand Microscan's value-level product offering for standard applications, complementing its existing line of specialty handheld barcode imagers designed for more challenging applications such as 2D direct part mark reading. The readers provide out-of-box, plug-and-play operation. The barcode output can plug directly into standard Microsoft Office programs, such as Word or Excel. These readers are designed to be a low-cost entry point solution for barcode and 2D barcode applications. The HS-1 is a linear CCD reader for reliable decode of linear barcodes in common applications such as printed black and white labels. It is ergonomically designed and built to withstand multiple drops in harsh industrial environments. The HS-2D imager suits high-contrast automated data applications from clean rooms to industrial environments. It decodes linear barcodes and 2D symbols in common applications such as high-contrast black and white labels. It reads symbols in any orientation, includes a built-in dual LED targeting system for quick and easy data capture, and is designed to withstand rugged industrial environments. Microscan,

60554-bliss.jpgChassis and ESD CartsThis Chassis Cart has been enhanced to be more specific for the burn-in application. The Bliss Chassis Cart is designed to protect and simplify chassis handling and eliminate physical and cosmetic damage during box build, system build, final assembly, R&D, test and quality. It can be used with the Bliss Lift to move chassis in and out of the cart. Bliss can configure the cart to specific dimensions and load requirements. This cart has new chassis air flow rails and a top to support more air flow out the sides of the cart, depending on which type of chassis model is being used. The ESD Safe Chassis Cart protects high-value products, and covers handling and storage needs for chassis, test fixtures and delicate assemblies. It features easy-to-roll shock-absorbing casters to eliminate harmonic vibrations. The Chassis Cart suits assembly lines, inventory storage, test and quality departments. Bliss Industries Inc.,

60554-dymax.jpgEdge ConveyorsThe DYMAX Edge Carry Series of conveyors is designed for efficient handling of a variety of parts such as PCBs that are populated on two sides, or palletized components. This conveyor series provides seamless transition from upstream assembly/dispense systems with in-line transport capability. Top surface curing of UV and/or visible-light-sensitive adhesives, inks, and coatings is accomplished with up to four DYMAX UVCS 5000 lamps, one 1200/2000 EC lamp, or up to two 6" microwave lamps. They offer complete shielding from UV light and consistent cure times. Configuration options allow flexibility when defining intensity requirements. Standard height clearance is 6"; optional risers increase clearance up to 12". The chains on the Edge Carry conveyor are adjusted easily with a hex driver to accommodate various widths from 2.75 up to 18". DYMAX Corporation,

DesiccatorsDesiDry stainless steel desiccators feature no-maintenance desiccant modules that remove moisture to maintain dry storage conditions. A digital controller monitors the humidity inside the cabinet and maintains a programmable set point (ambient to 5% RH). As the zeolite desiccant nears saturation, it automatically enters a regeneration cycle to remove moisture. Dual-module cabinets eliminate humidity spikes by ensuring uninterrupted drying. The controller also displays a warning alert during a regeneration cycle and when a door is left ajar. Terra Universal,

Space-saving Stencil CartThe Bliss stencil cart was redesigned to support the new Space Saver. Bliss' space saver shelf has half-inch slots to support 50 stencils per shelf. It is available in a multi-level version as well as staging carts. Shelf mounting tabs make the cart interchangeable with existing Bliss carts in the field, with shorter rail heights. The rails are now made out of lighter gauge steel, which is just as strong but significantly lighter than the original steel. Bliss Industries.

ESD MonitorsThe ESD Pro Event Detector and the Ground Pro Ground Integrity Meter are designed to protect sensitive electronics components and help prevent equipment malfunction by quickly and accurately detecting ESD and EMI and measuring ground impedance. The handheld ESD Pro Event Detector can help diagnose and troubleshoot ESD issues, evaluate ESD-protective equipment, and qualify tools. The ESD Pro measures the effectiveness of ESD safeguards, indicating that the electronic components are protected from ESD-related damage. The ESD Pro detects and counts discharges and monitors the relative strength of each ESD event. An audio alarm alerts the user to an event while an LED bar graph displays the event strength, allowing for quick, effective adjustments during production. The ESD Pro offers variable settings of the discharge-alarm threshold. It rejects most non-ESD related EMI events, allowing for the assessment of the ESD environment in places where EMI resulting from stepper motors, solenoids, relays and other sources is prevalent.

The 3M Ground Pro Ground Integrity Meter measures ground impedance to the milliohms and verifies critical grounding parameters in accordance with ANSI 6.1 and ANSI/ESDA S.20.20 standards. Patented technology allows the meter to provide accurate measurements of ground impedance on a working tool when ground noise is present. The Ground Pro also measures AC and DC voltage on the ground while separately measuring EMI, enabling precise diagnostics of equipment malfunction and lockups. 3M Electronic Solutions Division,

60554-matheson.jpgGas Cylinder ScalesThe DS-R Line of electronic cylinder scales weigh compressed liquefied gas cylinders to accurately determine the remaining contents of a cylinder containing a liquefied gas. The scales are useful for monitoring cylinders containing alkanes (such as propane), alkenes (such as propylene), ammonia, nitrous oxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen iodide, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen chloride, chlorine and other gases. In critical applications, users operate with the cylinder continuously in place on the scale, so that cylinder contents can be monitored at all times. The new line of scales includes five models with capacities ranging from 60 (for small and aluminum cylinders) to 1000 pounds. The larger scales are equipped with an oversized 3.75-sq.ft. weighing platform. Each one of the models is less than 2" high and ramps are available. The scales use stainless steel load cells (strain gauges) to extend operating life. The menu-driven user interface is fully programmable, and uses a LCD graphic display. Controls are simple, and the tare limit is the full capacity of the scale. Accuracy is ±0.1% of full scale. In use, the weight of the cylinder (tare) is stamped into each cylinder. The user enters the tare weight (plus the weight of the pressure regulator) via the scale's keypad, so the display reflects the total weight of the contents. Options include data logging, computer interface (by USB, RS232, or Ethernet), battery back-up, and intrinsically safe construction/certification. Matheson Tri-Gas,

60554-lpkf.jpgStencil FrameThe ZelFlex Protect is a reusable stencil frame system. Frameless stencils can be mounted directly into the frame system without glue or mesh. Uniform tension is applied through an air bladder system that provides continuous tension in all directions without a permanent air connection. The ZelFlex Protect Reusable Stencil Frame system is cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to glued stencil frames. If not in use, the stencil foil can be stored as a flat sheet, requiring much less storage space than a framed stencil. The ZelFlex edge protection can stay on the stencil to allow safe handling and quick changeover. Changing a stencil takes maximum 30 seconds. ZelFlex Protect comes in industry-standard form factors and is compatible with virtually any stencil printer. The frame system has an outer dimension of 23" × 23" and a total thickness of 1". LPKF Laser & Electronics,



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