New Products in Component Placement: Pick-and-Place Systems, Heads, and Tooling

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Following is a product preview for the new MultiStar pick-and-place head, as well as new placement system SIPLACE SX and software, from SIPLACE Electronics Assembly Systems (SEAS). Also highlighted is the feeder and inspection conveyor package for Manncorp's MC-391 in-line dual-head pick-and-place system.

The SIPLACE SX is designed to adapt to changing lot sizes and a range of components in real-life environments. The machine offers changeable gantries that can be switched over in less than 30 minutes. A SIPLACE Multistar CPP (Collect & Pick & Place) head has 12 nozzles and uses software to switch to the mode that is most efficient for the current production requirements. The BMK Group (Augsburg, Germany) tested the SIPLACE SX in a high-mix line designed for small lots and a broad component spectrum. Over a period of less than 7 months, the company produced more than 400 different boards in lot sizes ranging mostly from 1 to 100 on the SMT line, which consisted of a SIPLACE SX2, a SIPLACE D1, and a SIPLACE D1S. In addition, the technicians occasionally produced jobs of up to 3,000 boards on the line. The placement platform has 120 feeder positions: 60 8-mm slots per component cart on each side of the machine. When a waffle-pack changer is used, enough room is left for an adjacent smaller component cart with 30 8-mm feeder slots. It has a 1.5 × 2.5 m footprint. Additional flexibility is provided by exchangeable gantries, which move on rails without changes in the line configuration or feeder capacity. With three placement heads, the SIPLACE SX covers the majority of components. In addition to the SIPLACE TwinHead and the 20-nozzle SIPLACE high-speed head, the SIPLACE SX uses the SIPLACE MultiStar head (see product information below). With its CPP (Collect & Pick & Place) technology, this head employs the optimal mode for each component based on software commands. Three modes are available: the flexible Pick & Place mode for large components, the speedy Collect & Place mode for smaller components, and the mixed mode that combines the two. SIPLACE Electronics Assembly Systems (SEAS),

cap_322316.jpgThe MultiStar head from SEAS.SIPLACE X-Series powered by SIPLACE MultiStar targets fast chip shooting speeds along with extensive component range capability for flexible end-of-line placement. The SIPLACE MultiStar is a high-speed collect & place placement head capable of placing up to 24,000 CPH with a component range from 01005 to 27 mm². The same MultiStar head can also place larger components up to 40 × 50 mm. The MultiStar head reportedly enables electronics manufacturers to simplify line set up and programming, eliminate line reconfiguration or head changes, and balance lines. Manufacturers can automatically choose the appropriate placement mode for respective components. The SIPLACE X-Series powered by the new SIPLACE MultiStar fulfills chip shooter and end of line machine roles without reconfiguring any heads. SEAS,

A feeder and inspection conveyor package is being included at no additional charge with Manncorp's MC-391 in-line dual-head pick-and-place system through July 31. The MC-391 targets mid-range assemblers, particularly in the military and microwave sectors. It is a 5,500 CPH placer, and the bonus package includes a SMEMA-approved inspection conveyor with built-in board counter and skip function, used for post-placement inspection. Additional elements of the package include 31 feeders: a bank of 20 8-mm feeders, a universal tube feeder with 10 slots, and a waffle tray. The pick-and-place machine's vision system comprises a head-mounted camera with Cognex processing for non-contact on-the-fly alignment of SMDs (0201s through 16 × 24 mm), plus a bottom vision camera for larger components (to 38 × 38 mm, odd forms, ICs, and large BGAs). Ultra fine pitch capability for QFPs and micro-BGAs is 0.3mm. Placement accuracy hits ±0.05 mm, enabled by a linear-encoded X-Y drive mechanism. Manncorp,



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