New Products: Board and Component Handling

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Following are the latest PCB stackers, automation systems, conveyors, vacuum tweezers, loaders and unloaders, sorters, buffers, and component storage products for the assembly line. Also read Lean Facilities: Workspace Utilization in Electronics Production for more storage and work in progress (WIP) solutions.

60634-manncorp.jpgLine Up of Loaders, Stackers, and Conveyors A catalog of board loaders and unloaders, stackers, sorters, equipment-connecting conveyors and rotators, and buffers for inspection and hand work are available in the Conveyors and Board Handling section of the Manncorp online store. Each of the 23 SMEMA-compatible transporters will interface with Manncorp as well as most other makers' equipment. All products carry "Insta-Quote" immediate online pricing. Manncorp,

Enhanced Robotic Platform SystemPROFLEX cross-platform robot system is an expandable assembly robot that may be configured for various assembly situations. The standard tabletop version includes an 18 × 18" work area and the platform may be expanded up to 72" in length. The welded steel frame assembly robot is designed for long-term use and its rigidity ensures repeatability of process. The PROFLEX platform may be configured for hot iron soldering, diode laser soldering, diode laser with hot air assist, screw fastening, paste or glue dispense, or a variety of heads, each performing independent operation on the same control platform. PROMATION Inc.,

60634-seika.jpgUltra-low Dehumidifying Storage CabinetThe McDry HM1001 provides optimal ultra-low humidity and moisture-proof storage for IC packages. The HM-1001 can maintain 1% RH and removes moisture quickly via a zeolite desiccant. The HM1001 is compliant with ESD-IEC61340-5-1, and the desiccant never needs replacement. The unit features adjustable shelves that can hold up to 220 pounds, and is equipped with a digital RH meter. Other features include drying unit with a fan that quickly dehumidifies, tightly sealing lockable doors, and a door opening/closing frequency of only once every 10-20 minutes. The drying units for HM-1001 can be installed into the DXU-1001 or DXU-1002 models, and removes moisture at double the speed. Seika Machinery Inc. (SMI), a subsidiary of Seika Corporation Japan and member of the Mitsubishi Global Group,

Vacuum Tweezer Component Handling Products60634-virtual.jpgBULB-VAC tool (BVJ-075-B) comes with one 3/4"-diameter static dissipative Buna-N vacuum cup. These tools operate very similarly to a tweezer. Simply squeeze the vacuum bulb, place the soft suction cup to the part to be handled, then relax the squeeze and the part is firmly gripped. A second squeeze releases the part. These tools easily lift 0.25 lb. Applications include SMT, metal, and plastic parts with a smooth nonporous surface that the rubber vacuum tweezer tip can seal against. This tool can be used with any of the company's rubber vacuum cups. Virtual Industries Inc.,

HV-KIT-ESD HANDI-VAC Kit with 4 probes and cups is static dissipative and uses conductive silicone vacuum cups. Each kit comes complete with one 1/8" and one 1/4" vacuum cup on bent probes as well as one 1/8" and one 3/8" vacuum cup on straight probes. To operate, select a tip with a rubber vacuum cup on a probe that is slightly smaller than the part to be picked and placed. Place the probe snugly on the tip of the HANDI-VAC tool. Make sure that there is no dust on the rubber vacuum tip. Larger rubber vacuum cups can be placed directly on the HANDI-VAC tip without using a probe. Squeeze the HANDI-VAC bulb, place the soft suction cup squarely on the pick-and-place part, and then relax the squeeze. Move the part to the desired location and a second squeeze of the bulb releases the part. Virtual Industries Inc.

The Small Part Handling Kit (TV1000-SP8-BD) is for parts as small as 200 µm. This general-purpose vacuum handling tool plugs directly into 110 V 50/60 Hz (220 V units available). The compact unit handles various optics, ball lenses, and SMT parts as small as 0.20 mm without damage. Vacuum tweezers eliminate lost parts associated with mechanical tweezer handling. The long-life diaphragm vacuum pump generates up to 10" of mercury with an open air flow of 2.3 lpm. The handling kit comes with a set of nine vacuum tips (#VCS-9-B), and a set of eight angled small parts tips (#VSPT-KIT-8-BD). Virtual Industries Inc.

60634-virtuallast.jpgThe self-contained manually operated PEN-VAC PRO-SERIES vacuum tweezer handles SMD packages, optics, or other small parts during assembly. The tweezer has no vacuum hoses or batteries. It is sold with four cups and probes. Pick-up tip sizes are 3.18, 6.35, and 9.53 mm vacuum cups on bent probes and one straight probe with a 6.35-mm-diameter vacuum cup. The tool is made of all ESD-safe plastic materials. Virtual Industries Inc.

60634-promationlast.jpgDeStacker Update The enhanced exterior style of the ASD-700 PCB deStacker system includes a touch panel option, This "Signature Series" offers auto width, offset width, sequence tracking with digital readout, PCB counting, and other features. ASD-700 provides a small footprint for loading PCBs at the front of the line. This top-load system is capable of holding up to 80 PCBs from 2 × 3" to 18 × 20". A floating center support mechanism rises upward and is used to prevent larger PCBs from flexing during the lowering process onto the edge belts. Load and Pass mode functions are standard, allowing this system to be placed between a magazine handler and screen printer. PROMATION.



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