New Reports: Connector Tech; Mass-market, Auto, and I&I Sectors; EMS Shares

Reading time ( words) Publications, Henderson Ventures, and Reportlinker share up-to-date analysis and data on various electronics assembly products and end-use sectors, as well as a vendor market-share report on EMS providers. Reports include: Evolving High-speed Mezzanine Connectors, World Electronic Industry Mass-market and Automotive Products, I&I Production to Fall 10%, and Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services Vendor Shares.

I&I Production to Fall 10%The industrial and instrument (I&I) sector comprises a diverse collection of sub-segments. There are some very stable elements such as medical electronics, and many extremely volatile sectors as captured by the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry. On average, the I&I business is subject to less volatility than the overall electronics industry. I&I also tends to lag behind the rest of the industry because many hardware elements are long-lead items. The most recent statistics show that the ongoing drop in output is far less severe than the overall world electronic equipment industry.

The I&I sector has fallen from a recent annualized peak of $273 billion during Q'03 2008 to a February 2009 value of $251 billion. The industry has declined by only 5.3%. On a 12/12 basis, output was down by only 1.1% in February. But because the I&I business moves behind both the general economy and the overall electronics industry, the worst is yet to come. 2009 global output is slated to be down 10.4%, versus a 1.3% gain in 2008. The worst hits will be taken by the semiconductor manufacturing equipment sector. Output is predicted to plunge by 43.8% this year. The world I&I recovery is forecast to be plodding. A 4.3% advance is forecast for 2010, followed by a more robust 9.6% gain in 2011, as the capital-intensive sectors of the global economy grow more robust.

Evolving High-speed Mezzanine Connectors This research report provides a complete analysis of evolving high-speed mezzanine connectors. Mezzanine architecture offers significant packaging advantages. System density has become a critical issue for circuit designers and can be increased by utilizing the space between daughter cards. Products can be effectively partitioned to provide pluggable modules simplifying repair, customization and upgrading. Printed circuit board routing issues can be simplified and layer count reduced by spreading functions over larger board surface areas.

World Electronic Industry Mass-market and Automotive ProductsA complete update to highlight future issues and new dynamics: crisis impact, new products, new needs. Structure and trends of the world electronics business are presented by type of equipment and by world region (Europe, North America, China, etc.), with both production and market figures. 2008-2013: Mass-market & Auto Electronics.

Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services Vendor SharesThe Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services Forecaster report covers quarterly revenue by region and product segment for all electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and original design manufacturing (ODM) companies in EMS database, from Q'01 2004 through Q'04 2008. This pivot table also provides updated market sizes for the two sectors of the EMS industry, the nine product segments for each sector, and the three regions for each sector.



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