17th Annual SMT VISION Awards

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SMT VISION Awards recognize products that display innovation, solve an industry challenge, save money, promote environmental friendliness, and otherwise enhance electronics manufacturing.


Hysol UF3800 Reworkable Epoxy UnderfillUF3800 reworkable epoxy underfill is designed for CSP/BGA applications. It cures quickly at moderate temperatures to minimize stress to other components, and when cured provides excellent mechanical stress protection for solder joints. Benefits include one-component composition, reworkable at 240°C, fast cure, high Tg, compatiblity with most lead-free and halogen-free solders, and stable electrical performance in temperature/humidity bias. Henkel Corporation, Irvine, Calif., www.henkel.com/electronics.


ProtoLaser UThe ProtoLaser U is a flexible laser-based depaneling and routing system. Noncontact cutting with laser eliminates debris and mechanical stresses on PCBs and components, cuts intricate shapes, and provides higher accuracy than mechanical depaneling. The system’s diode-pumped UV laser allows a cold ablation process and clean sidewalls. It has a small footprint and Laser Class 1 safety rating and targets smaller volumes and prototype applications. It works from CAD data and does not require artwork-related tooling. The cutting speed is reportedly superior to conventional methods, suiting flex, rigid, and rigid-flex circuits. A camera provides instant fiducial recognition of the entire working area. LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Garbsen, Germany, www.lpkf.com.


MicroJet FC In-line Cleaning SystemProgressive Energy Dynamics cleaning ensures that each progressive stage optimizes mechanical, thermal, and chemical energy. Proprietary Jet Manifold drying uses high-volume, directed flow to force water out of tight spaces and prevent harmful residue deposits. The system reduces wash chemistry usage and facilitates closed-loop operation with no drainage issues. The chemical isolation section can be configured with spray, air blow-off, or both. The MicroJet FC’s drying capability can be upgraded as requirements change. The system is constructed of high-density polypropylene for chemical compatibility and in-line life. It has a noncorrosive rigid metal chassis, unibody construction, a detachable load section, and hinged windows at each chamber. The conveyor’s automatic tensioning system and torque limitation protect the drive motor. Aqueous Technologies, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, www.aqueoustech.com.


AQUANOX A4241 Aqueous Cleaning SolutionAQUANOX A4241 uses a proprietary inhibition technology to clean tough soils while protecting sensitive parts from etch or darkening. Manufacturers can clean stencils and misprinted boards in the same machine. The Kyzen Applications Laboratory approves AQUANOX A4241 for effective removal of nearly 300 soldering materials. AQUANOX A4241 can be used in a multi-process environment for spray batch, spray in-line, and stencil cleaning. Solder joints are cleaned with no sump side additives; consistent cleaning results are obtained with minimal bath monitoring. Kyzen Corporation, Nashville, TN, www.kyzen.com.

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Corporate ResponsibilityElcoteq’s Corporate Responsibility takes a proactive approach to sustainable development based on core values, with SA8000, OHSAS18001, and ISO 14001 as guidelines. To ensure compliance and share best practices, Elcoteq conducts regular internal CR audits. Elcoteq has a multisite certificate for ISO 14001 and continuously improves its environmental performance with reduced air travel, lower energy consumption, increased recycling, and other initiatives. Elcoteq also has a project to calculate its carbon footprint globally based on successful pilot projects in its Espoo office and Tallinn plants. Elcoteq launched a Supplier Code of Conduct and related Supplier Requirements to combine and clarify Elcoteq’s social and environmental requirements. Elcoteq’s services support OEMs and all stakeholders to ensure compliance of corporate responsibility standards in operations throughout the whole supply chain, encompassing economic, social, and environmental requirements in different countries. Elcoteq Se, Espoo, Finland, www.elcoteq.com.


PCB123 Design SoftwareTo keep parts data up-to-date during the design process, Sunstone Circuits collaborated with Digi-Key and NXP for real-time component ordering inside the PCB123 CAD tool. LiveBOM brings together rich library content certified by NXP with a Web query service from Digi-Key to display unit and rolled-up pricing information in real time. Digi-Key’s online query service provides PCB123 with parts data based on manufacturer or Digi-Key part number. Within PCB123 version 3.2, the BOM-centric view of the design complements integrated schematic and layout editing. Changes that impact the design’s manufacturability can be detected well before production, leading to reduced ECO and costs. Users can interactively design to the project’s budget. The NXP parts library describes schematics symbols; layout footprints; parameters such as component values, and part numbers. NXP certifies the library components as accurate. Sunstone Circuits, Mulino, OR, www.sunstone.com.


Flashstream-C Flash memory programmerThe Flashstream vector programming system offers fast flash programming of up to 32 Gbit NAND and NOR flash memory at speeds as low as 2.5% over theoretical programming minimum. The programmer offers multiple automated handling solutions for high volumes. The co-processor Vector Engine hardware accelerates flash memory waveforms during the programming cycle. Faster speeds are achieved through synchronous operations that eliminate the dead times when the DUT waits on the programmer. The Flashstream programmer supports over 700 NAND, NOR and EEPROM memory devices from 12 manufacturers. NAND Bad Block Management options cover 90% of BBM requests without custom coding charges. Standard and complex serialization are available on all sockets. Upgradeable RAM supports future densities, and 32.7 Gbit memory per site is standard. Flashstream can be used for first article qualification. Multiple units can be connected to one computer to run the same programming job in concurrent programming mode. It is said to reduce ramp to volume production problems for products that integrate high-density flash memory such as wireless devices, navigation electronics, and personal music systems; it enables new applications, especially for very large patterns. BPM Microsystems, Houston, TX, www.bpmmicro.com.


Stinger Fluid Dispensing SystemThe Stinger expands the capabilities of conventional screen printers by enabling the user to dispense SMT adhesive or solder paste on a PCB immediately following the screen-print operation, while the PCB is held in alignment. The system is field-retrofit capable and avoids added floor space, cost and maintenance associated with a dedicated in-line dispenser and manual off-line dispensing. Stroke adjustment provides shot size control, making it easier for the user to select the size. The small and lightweight dispense module is coupled to the printer’s vision system by an electro-pneumatic interface that allows the entire module to be removed and reinstalled on the printer. A diaphragm separates the wetted parts from the air supply, suiting UV adhesives, resins, paint, ink, solvents, glue, electrolytes, alcohols, and other similar materials. Ovation Products, Bethlehem, PA, www.ovation-products.com.


SN100C P600 D4 Halogen-free and Lead-free Solder PasteSN100C P600 D4 is a lead-, halogen-, and silver-free paste that provides a lower melting point and higher strength, along with environmental benefits. SN100C delivers a stable microstructure in an alloy that can accommodate long-term and impact strains. Eliminating silver, halogens, and lead protects human life and the environment, while enabling a lower raw material cost. As reported in the EPA’s “Solders in Electronics - A Life-Cycle Assessment Summary,” silver can form compounds that are toxic to life and it requires substantial energy for its production. SN100C P600 D4 offers high first pass yield in production, with continuous printability. The combination of alloy composition, powder particle size distribution, and flux medium formula optimizes quality. SN100C P600 has a melting point of 227°C; recommended peak profile temperature is 240°C ±5°C. The eutectic character of the SN100C alloy and the associated high fluidity and good wetting properties mean that in most cases it can be reflowed in existing forced-convection ovens with the same thermal profile as is used for SAC alloys. Nihon Superior Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan, www.nihonsuperior.co.jp.


X3 3D X-ray Inspection SystemX3 AXI system provides advanced 3D technology for fast and complete inspection of double-sided PCBs with BGAs and other critical solder joints. The tomographic imaging technology rapidly gathers oblique images to digitally construct 3D renderings that are used for unobstructed inspection of solder- and component-related defects on double-sided boards. Multiple slices can be generated from the same set of oblique images at any time. The X3 selectively uses 2D or 3D X-ray inspection technology to balance advanced defect detection, double-sided inspection, and high throughput. The programming interface is “AOI style.” Standard package libraries simplify training and add program portability across lines. YESTech Inc., a Nordson company, San Clemente, CA, www.yestechinc.com.


BGA Mezzanine ConnectorThe Hirose IT3 system BGA mezzanine connector can be dropped into established designs and assembly processes. Its configuration comprises two receptacles and an interposer. SMT assembly of the receptacle is similar to that of a 1-mm BGA, and the interposer is installed at the system level. To simplify board-level assembly it has a low-profile, low-mass, open-body design, which uses the same footprint as traditional mezzanine connectors. The connectors were found to have 2.2 dpmo over 2 rounds of mass production assembly testing. To relieving solder-joint stresses, the wafers that carry signals float inside the interposer chassis and BGA blocks of 100-signal segments are mounted on a flexible housing. BGA balls are mounted on compliant pins. The ball-on-pin design also improves shear strength at the component interface. Hirose Electric USA, Cupertino, CA, www.hirose.com.


FX3 Super High-speed MounterThe system performs high-speed, high-quality assembly at a reasonable cost. It will continue to run if a nozzle is broken, using the remaining 5 heads. Maintenance is about 10 mins/month. The FX3 reports a 60,000 CPH placement rate following IPC guidelines. The system can place parts from 01005s to 33.5 mm2 at 0.05-mm accuracy. CPK is >1.0. Customers can use Juki feeders from as early as 1992. The FX3 features the LNC60 laser, with bent nozzle detection, a tombstone pick and the exact height of the nozzle tip. It checks component presence and success placement. The LNC60 laser measures components while they are moving from pick to the placement site, without moving to a stationary or line scan camera. A new algorithm feature lets it ignore dust and scratches on the laser. Juki Automation Systems, Morrisville, NC, www.jas-smt.com.


TD2929 Automatic In-line PrinterThe TD2929 prints, dot dispenses, cleans the bottom-side of the stencil, and performs 2D inspection in various combinations as the line requires, using a twin-camera gantry system. Its passive axis design reduces mechanical liability, along with nondestructive servo board edge clamping and kinetic board stop. Using a 5-sec. print stroke cycle, cycles are <10 sec. with ±12.5 µm repeatability. Closed-loop motion control maintains alignment accuracy and repeatability. Digital controls include vision, dual canister auto paste dispense (dispenses while printing), integrated remote modem diagnostics, and integrated network motion control. The digital control and vision systems use progressive scan technology; 2D texture-based inspection software uses digital parametric camera control. It includes vibration squeegee and ultrasonic cleaning. Milara Inc., Medway, MA, www.milarasmt.com.


Intelligent Shop-floor Solutions (IS)IS comprises Intelli PE for creating production programs, Intelli PD for downloading programs to multiple lines, Intelli PM to improve the operating rate of the entire floor, Intelli SCS (setup control system) for parts verification and traceability, and Intelli EM for management of feeder maintenance history. The software creates production programs optimized for process speed. It uses 1D and 2D barcodes for quality control and traceability. Barcode RFID enables authentification of tape feeders and tray supply devices. Users can monitor line operation status and production control remotely and in real time. Graphical operation is standardized across applications with multiple interface languages. Intelli EM records and manages feeder inspection history. Maintenance schedules and display warning are customizable based on feeder usage. Juki Automation Systems, Morrisville, NC, www.jas-smt.com.


400ST Rework SystemThe 400ST reworks thru-hole devices with controlled convective heating, which eliminates copper dissolution issues. Barrels are protected through multiple rework cycles. Benefits include small footprint, economic price, and reduced operator variability and board damage. Dynamic Height Sensing (DHS) minimizes set-up time for virtually any pattern. DHS scavenger solder removal is an automated means to precisely remove desired quantities of residual solder from thru-hole and SMT rework sites. In triple stage heating, uniform bottom heat is IR; top and bottom local heat is convection. The SierraMate Software is networkable, allowing a central process lab to maintain and distribute data. Motorized X, Y, and Z motion ensures consistency. VJ Electronix, Littleton, MA, www.vje.com.


PrintPlus & SolderPlus Lead-/Halide-free PastesThese lead-free, water-soluble solder pastes pass J-STD-004A with combined halides totaling <0.01%. The pastes provide print definition with hot and cold slump resistance, suiting ultra-fine pitches and microBGAs. Flux residue can be removed with water wash systems. They are available in PrintPlus for stencil printing and Solder Plus for dispensing. Gap-fill properties target pin-in-hole, hermetic sealing, or attaching wires to terminals. EFD Inc., a Nordson Company, East Providence, RI, www.efd-inc.com.


Mark3.5 Convection Reflow SystemThe Mark3.5 series incorporates side draw balanced flow heater modules, balancing impingement velocity, mass flow, and temperature excursions up to 450°C while maintaining high heat transfer rates. Gas management allows temperature differential between adjacent zones up to 100°C. The 10" heating and cooling modules enhance profiling and shorten spike zones. It offers 30-50% lower nitrogen consumption for comparable PPM levels regardless of product width, and 30-40% reduction in electrical consumption due to 6" insulation around heat modules and exhaust monitoring. Cooling zones are virtually flux free due to thermal management of interior surfaces that prevents flux accumulation. Flux maintenance can be done while the oven is operating. On-board liquid-to-liquid heat exchange powers the water cooling and flux separation systems. Heller Industries, Florham Park, NJ, www.hellerindustries.com.


Cover-Extend TechnologyCover-Extend enables manufacturers to access increasingly complicated PCB assemblies for test. Traditional ICT methodologies require physical access on these PCBAs for test probes. However, with shrinking board geometries and an increase in quantity and complexity of components squeezed onto each board, it has become almost impossible in many cases to find access for test probes. Cover-Extend combines the standardized, limited access, digital stimulus capability of boundary scan with the vectorless simplicity of VTEP. Without needing as many physical electrical test access points, design work is simplified and board geometries can be further reduced. Cover-Extend enables more extensive electrical tests with fewer test resources, lowering cost of test. Board quality is improved because fewer test probes cause less strain on the PCBAs. Signal integrity of high speed lines, typically affected by presence of test pads causing increased BER, can now use Cover-Extend for test coverage. Agilent Technologies Inc., Santa Clara, CA, www.agilent.com.

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