New Installations: ACI Adds Selective Soldering, USR Implements Factory Traceability, and More

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EMS providers, centers of excellence, OEMs, and others are adding equipment, materials, and software to improve their operations. The American Competitiveness Institute installed an RPS selective soldering system; Ascentech sold solderability testing equipment to Continental Automotive; USR Electronic Systems implemented Valor's vCheck quality management system; Sennheiser New Mexico LLC added a barcode labeling system from PROMATION; and Nortec Group approved Zestron's cleaning materials for its operations.

Valor Computerized Systems Ltd. completed installation of its manufacturing quality management system vCheck for electronics assembly at USR Electronic Systems, an electronics contract manufacturer in Israel. USR works with customers in the medical, security, and telecom segments such as GE Health Care, Syneron, Verint and others. To meet reporting challenges such as FDA 21 CFR part 11, the company decided to implement a quality management system. Valor's vCheck integrates into USR's manufacturing process, collecting data from test and repair stations including visual inspection stations, Orbotech machines, and added support for SPEA and Teradyne machines coming up. Data is also collected from the functional test area. Using the consolidated data, vCheck enables detection of problems as well as automatic suggestion of solutions from its knowledge base, providing significant reductions in the time it takes to analyze problems and locate solutions. vCheck provides USR with a variety of reports for both internal and external use.

Ascentech installed a MUST III solderability test system at CONTINENTAL Automotive Systems' Morelos, Mexico, plant. CONTINENTAL manufactures high-reliability automotive electronics. Ascentech is the North American distributor of the MUST III system, a wetting balance testing system capable of testing to all relevant solder standards including ICE, MIL-STD, IPO/EYE/JADE, etc. The MUST System 3 measures the solderability of a PCB and/or component's metallic terminations by documenting the wetting curve of the unit under test. Ascentech provides MUST systems calibration and service, and is equipped to calibrate and certify high-accuracy temperature components. Ascentech is also equipped to calibrate and certify MUST's high-precision Force Measurement System, and provide a Certificate of Calibration.

cap_313192.jpgThe PROMATION installation at Sennheiser's NM plant.

PROMATION Inc. was chosen by Sennheiser New Mexico LLC to integrate an intelligent barcode labeling solution at the Sennheiser operations in Albuquerque, NM, where it manufactures wireless audio products including the Evolution Wireless series. Sennheiser selected the ELC-1100P automatic label placement system to streamline production and product traceability. PROMATION partnered with TEKLYNX Labelview software for barcode generation and has written a custom program within the labeler to integrate Sennheiser's network requirements. The system selected includes a 600 dpi Zebra printer, internal PCB flipper, 1D/2D barcode verifier, and small media capability for printing data matrix codes and picking and placing 6 × 6 mm labels into small areas on the PCB arrays. The programmable Z allowed Sennheiser to place labels on PCBs and on top of components. The U program allows for -90° to +180° label rotation.

RPS Automation LLC deployed an advanced robotic selective soldering system at ACI Technologies, a research corporation serving the U.S. Navy Center of Excellence. ACI has deployed an Opus III selective soldering system from RPS. This system performs precise automated robotic soldering of thru-hole and odd form components and lead attach applications. The Opus utilizes a top-side gantry with 360° rotation, 010° programmable tilt, and tool-free accommodation of PCBs as large as 455 × 455 mm. The RPS proprietary Gaussian MiniWave nozzles, from 2 to 20 mm in diameter, deliver tall, stable mini waves of solder that can handle applications from long leads to tight-keep-away pin placements. The Opus at ACI is leaded and lead-free ready with quick change solder pots; ACI is also using a 6" conventional wave nozzle to handle traditional wave processing.,

Nortec Group, dealing in product identification high-performance products and components, qualified cleaning materials from ZESTRON America, after an extensive label compatibility test series. Completed at various concentrations and temperatures, the obtained results confirmed excellent label compatibility when exposed directly to VIGON and ATRON cleaning agents during trials. Compatibility trials were performed at ZESTRON's Global Application Technology Center to closely mimic production floor conditions. The compatibility report is available at



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