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Following are new and flagship products on display at IPC APEX Expo, March 31 to April 2 in Las Vegas. New solder paste inspection (SPI) systems to factory-floor software to flex circuit coverlay will be demonstrated at the show.

AOI and SPI SystemsThe MS-11 in-line SPI system uses Shadow Moiré technology and phase stepping image processing to inspect solder paste deposition on PCBs post-print. The MS-11 will inspect for insufficient solder, excessive solder, shape deformity, shift of deposition and bridging. It uses an ultra-high-resolution 2-megapixel camera system for enhanced image quality and accuracy. The MS-11 uses the same platform as MIRTEC's MV-7 Series. The MV-3L desktop AOI system five-camera desktop AOI system will be configured at APEX with a 4-megapixel top-down camera with 9.8-µm resolution and 4 side-view cameras. The configuration has a 2D camera barcode reader and an auto-clamp option. It also features the Intelli-Beam laser system to measure the Z-height of a given region of interest for co-planarity testing of BGA and CSP devices as well as enhanced solder paste measurement capability. The MV-7xi in-line AOI system provides 1 top-down 4-megapixel camera with 9.8-µm resolution and 4 side-view cameras. The Quad Angle Lighting System provides 4 independently programmable zones for optimal illumination of inspection areas. It will feature a 2D camera barcode reader, a high-throughput 3-stage PCB conveyor, and a PCB under-board support system. This system also will be configured with MIRTEC's Intelli-Scan laser system for lifted lead detection, four-point height measurement capability for co-planarity testing of BGA and CSP devices, and enhanced solder paste measurement capability. A factory refurbished MV-2BTL desktop AOI system will be available. This system is a low-cost/high-performance AOI machine designed to automatically inspect for defects pre- and post-reflow. It provides fault coverage for SMT and thru-hole assemblies and will detect defects such as component presence/absence, polarity, misalignment, insufficient solder, excessive solder, solder bridging, bent leads lifted leads solder balls and more. It includes a new camera and lighting system, frame grabber, and all associated hardware. Additional options are available. MIRTEC, Booth 147.

Inspection Software The MV Series Remote Management Software (RMS) allows remote management of up to eight MIRTEC AOI systems simultaneously. The software is designed for ease of use. A comprehensive package type library provides Drag and Drop component programming. The Automatic Teaching Tool (ATT) software provides automatic teaching of component locations using CAD centroid data. Typical programming time is under one hour per assembly. The standard SPC software package promotes continuous process improvement by allowing the user to track and eliminate defects on inspected assemblies. MIRTEC, Booth 147.

60701-technicapex2.jpgTechniFlex LCL 1000F from Technic.

Halogen-free Flex Circuit MaterialTechniFlex LCL 1000F is a halogen free liquid photo-imageable coverlay for flexible circuits. The material offers a cost-effective solution to fine features for the advanced packages being built on flexible substrates. It passed NASA outgassing and UL 94V-0 regulations, as well as MIT flexibility requirements. The coverlay can be combined with adhesive and adhesiveless polyimide TechniFlex LCL 1000F to replace polyimide cost-effectively. It offers 2-mil resolution. Technic Inc., Booth 719.

Small Part Vacuum Tweezer KitThe TV1000-SP8-BD kit is for parts as small as 200 µm. This general-purpose vacuum handling tool plugs into 110 V 50/60 Hz (220 V units available). The compact unit handles a variety of optics, ball lenses, and SMT parts as small as 0.20 mm. Vacuum tweezers eliminate lost parts associated with mechanical tweezer handling. The long-life diaphragm vacuum pump generates up to 10" of mercury with an open air flow of 2.3 lpm. The unit connects to ground automatically with a 3-wire power cord. Other features include quiet operation, a push-button release vacuum pick-up handle, 5' coiled vacuum hose, rubber no-skid feet, a side-mounted handle holder, a set of 9 vacuum tips, and a set of 8 angled small parts tips. Virtual Industries, Booth 850.

Facility Management SoftwareIntelligent Shop Floor Solutions (IS) software includes enhanced functionalities of traditional software for a complete production support system. The system comprises 5 specialized pieces of software: Intelli PE for creating production programs, Intelli PD for downloading production programs to multiple lines, Intelli PM for improvement of the operating rate of the entire floor, Intelli SCS (setup control system) for parts verification and traceability, and Intelli EM for management of feeder maintenance history. Users control and optimize various tasks and information of the floor, or the manufacturing field, that are related to production using Juki mounters. The system uses barcodes and 2D barcodes for quality control such as prevention of faulty mounting of components and traceability for streamlining of set up time. For authentication of tape feeders and tray supply devices, users can select from barcode RFID. The software allows users to monitor line operation status and production control information in the plant real-time from a remote location. Advanced features include standardized graphical operation screens across applications, and the ability to switch interface language to English, Japanese, or Chinese from any screens. Juki Corporation, Booth 759.

60701-essemtecapex1.jpgPANTERA-XV from Essemtec.

Placement SystemThe PANTERA-XV SMD placement system suits prototyping and production runs in mid-sized quantities. It offers high placement accuracy and speed, a broad application range, high reliability, and low maintenance costs, as well as short changeover times. The system places SMDs from 0201s to 50 × 50 mm QFPs with a fine pitch of 0.4 mm. It has up to 108 feeder slots and recognizes all intelligent stick and tape feeders automatically. The tape feeders are motorized and the transport speed is programmable. The resolution of the magnetic linear measuring system is 1 µm. For alignment, an integrated laser system measures small ICs and chip components on the fly, and a bottom-up vision system is used for fine-pitch ICs or BGAs. Additionally, another vision system is installed for the automated correction of PCB positions as well as for the teach-in of component locations. Options include a dispensing system for solder paste and adhesive and other additions. The graphic-based software supports programming and operation; CAD data of layout software can be directly converted in an appropriate assembly program. Essemtec, Booth 2225.

Ionic Contamination TesterThe newly updated Zero-Ion ionic contamination/cleanliness tester automatically removes and detects contamination on an electrical assembly or bare board and provides quantitative contamination measurements. It automatically regenerates test solution, maintaining a high degree of test solution sensitivity. The Zero-Ion meets the requirements of military and commercial cleanliness testing standards including MIL 2000A, IPC test method 001, MIL-C-28809, MIL-P-55110 and IPC TM650-2.3.26, and has been reviewed by the U.S. Naval Air Weapons Center. The Zero-Ion also has been determined to be 3.7× more sensitive than the manual resistivity of solvent extract (R.O.S.E.) test. It performs cleanliness tests automatically and is capable of storing 50 test parameters. When connected to a PC, the Zero-Ion is capable of storing virtually unlimited quantities of testing parameters. The Zero-Ion includes a built-in printer that records cleanliness testing results. Aqueous Technologies Corp., Booth 2247.60701-bpmapex1.jpgBPM's Flashstream programmer.

Device ProgrammerThe manual Flashstream Flash Vector programming system programs NAND and NOR flash memory at speeds as low as 2.5% over theoretical programming minimum, using a proprietary co-processor technology called Vector Engine. Designed for high-density flash, the Flashstream programs NAND and NOR flash up to 32 Gbit and has upgradeable RAM for future densities. It comes standard with 4191 Mbit memory per site and bad block replacement for NAND and low voltage support. The four-socket manual system also can be connected with other units to one computer to run the same programming job in concurrent programming mode. Single units can be mechanically connected. Also, a LED display identifies the programmer number that corresponds to software instructions. It can program with 1,2,3, or 4 socket cards for first article qualification. Flashstream reduces ramp to volume production fears for products that integrate high-density flash memory and enables new applications, especially for very large patterns. Additionally, these systems can leave the factory with preloaded data or content instead of blank memory. BPM, Booth 1274.

60701-seikaapex1.jpgSeika's Anritsu.

3D High-precision Laser In-line Inspection SystemAnritsu features numerous advanced technology features including high resolution in horizontal and vertical inspection, 33 cm3/sec. at 20 µm resolution, and easy programming and maintenance. Program generation is accomplished in approximately five minutes and consistent results are provided regardless of the operator. Additionally, the system offers an automatic calibration function for easy maintenance, SPC software as standard for analysis and traceability, and zero-plane reference points. Seika Machinery Inc., Booth 1035.

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