February New Products: Soldering Materials, Processes, and Equipment

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Following are the selective and wave soldering equipments and tools, new high-reliability lead-free solder alloys and fluxes, and vapor phase reflow technology. Companies presenting new products and processes include Manncorp, Rehm Thermal Systems, Vitronics Soltec, Cookson Electronics, and Nihon Superior.

Rehm Thermal Systems introduced the VPS Condenso Vacuum system, using condensation reflow for effective thermal transfer due to the even release of heat during condensation and the constant temperature of the medium. The specific boiling point limits Condenso's maximum soldering temperature, preventing damage by overheating. Subjecting the molten solder to a vacuum, Condenso enables remaining residues and gas inclusions to escape, targeting void-free soldering with lead-free solders. The system targets manufacturers for automotive, aerospace, and defense end-markets, as well as other high-reliability sectors. www.rehm-group.com.

Cookson Electronics launched the ALPHA Vaculoy SACX 0307 Plus low-silver, lead-free wave solder and rework alloy for use as a high-performance replacement for tin/lead and SAC305. SACX-0307 Plus offers the same performance as ALPHA SACX 0307 with the added benefit of lower copper dissolution. It also reportedly is lower-cost than higher-silver alternatives like SAC305/387/405, and can be run at lower operating temperatures than most silver-/lead-free alloys. Good wetting is achieved on low- to medium-complexity assemblies in either wave rework or selective soldering applications. Benefits include high yields and low dross generation, good hole fill and drainage due to the lower surface tension attributed to the presence of silver, and compatibility with a range of wave solder flux technologies. www.alpha.cooksonelectronics.com.

cap_310579.jpgThe selective soldering warpage-control tool from Vitronics Soltec.Vitronics Soltec now offers PCB warpage compensation as a feature of its advanced mySelective 6748 selective soldering machines. This compensation ensures that the points to be soldered on an assembly are always the same precise height above the wave, even if there is slight warpage of the board. The company reports that board warpage or planar shape distortion can affect precision selective soldering results and process repeatability if it is not compensated for during soldering. A non-contact, accurate laser sensor measures the distance between an assembly in-process and the SelectWave prior to soldering. It measures the distance of several target positions on the bottom side of the assembly, while the board is held in the gripper robotic handler. The operator chooses a reference point near the corner of the board and a measurement point near the middle of the board, and others if needed so that the sensor can "teach" itself the board shape and degree of distortion. The system then calculates the Z offset for each point to be soldered. www.vitronics-soltec.com.

Manncorp introduced a small-footprint lead-free wave solder machine with ecologically and economically benefits. The ECO-300, with a 100 Kg titanium solder pot, reportedly halves the customary solder start-up costs of large-pot machines. It offers faster heating time and lower thermal requirements with a single-wave design. The system is 8 ft. long, including a heavy-duty transducer-controlled pump motor for precise solder wave uniformity and height control, an automatically recirculating adjustable titanium finger conveyor for board widths to 300 mm, along with an 800-mm preheat zone with stainless steel sheath-type IR heaters. www.manncorp.com.

Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. introduced NS-F850 rosin-based flux for lead-free wave soldering. NS-F850 ensures good wetting of all PCB and component substrates for improved thru-hole fill and it facilitates solder drainage, reducing bridges and icicles. The flux is designed to realize the full reliability potential of SN100C lead-free solder. The eFlux product has a matte finish that facilitates inspection after soldering. The company also debuted SN100C high-reliability lead-free solder spheres. The solder spheres are made reliable by their impact strength, suiting BGA, CSP, MCM, and high-density fine-pitch applications. SN100C spheres have a smooth surface free of shrinkage effects. The spheres' high ductility ensures high impact strength. Additional features include stable intermetallic compound and slow growth of interfacial intermetallic. www.nihonsuperior.co.jp.



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