New Products in SMT Electronics Assembly

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Following are the newly released prototyping lines, LXI interfaces, solar cell production tools, feeder/component storage, epoxy materials, XRF testing tools, component handling accessories, and PCB-mount components from around the SMT supply chain.

Semiautomatic SMT Prototyping SystemThe EXPERT-SAFP SMT batch and prototyping station guides operators with directly imported layout and bill of materials (BOM) data. The pick-and-place head is air suspended. The EXPERT-SAFP placement system can be connected with a computer control to work in a semi-automatic mode. Placement data can be converted directly from the CAD file. It picks from reels and sticks, and from rest tape strips as well as loose components. A turning station for upside-down components is standard. Additionally, the placement system is available as a complete prototyping station, including a dispenser and a reflow tool. It also features integrated vision and placement system MPL3100 for leadless-package and fine-pitch alignment. Its double-prism optical system can display the component and the substrate overlaid on one screen. Essemtec,

Expanded Range of LXI SolutionsThe 60-102 and 60-103 are seven- and eighteen-slot modular chassis that accept from a choice of over 500 of the company's 3U PXI modules. This includes a range of switching modules with additional test functions such as programmable power supplies, battery simulators, attenuators, digital I/O, breadboards, and programmable resistor cards. The density matrices boast up to 9,500 relays per chassis. Solid-state switching with up to 40-A current capacity is supported along with a range of high-voltage switching modules. Each chassis offers high cooling capacity and smart control of fan speed to ensure quiet operation and high reliability. The current condition of the chassis is displayed on front-panel status LEDs and can also be monitored remotely via a rear-panel RS232 port. The LXI-compliant interface permits simple control of the modules and management of the chassis through the Web or an IVI programmatic interface. Pickering Interfaces,

Low-humidity Feeder Storage CabinetsThe McDry low-humidity storage cabinet DXU-1002-1000 offers maximum storage capacity with various options. There are five shelves included with the cabinet. A sliding feeder rack shelf that can be fitted at a level safe for ergonomic placement and retrieval is optional, as is a cart to hold two feeder racks and one reel shelf within the cabinet. The 56-ft3, two-door model includes RH meter, two drying units, ESD specifications including banana jack connector for wrist strap, 120-V lockable doors with magnetic sealing and keys, high-grade steel construction, and connector for optional chart recorder and data logger, caster wheels, leveling feet, and optional nitrogen purge nubs. The feeder rack system includes a rack that can be bolted into the cabinet and two feeder shelves as well as one reel shelf. It can store feeders and trays/component reels/PCBs by swapping out either the rack or the regular shelving. The DXU-580AF model is an ergonomic feeder cabinet for smaller-quantity storage that may be placed on each line. This system can hold up to 20 feeders depending on the reel size and uses a sliding shelf for installation and removal. The height and angle are designed for most operators to handle feeder storage easily. As an option, this model features one shelf for storage of trays and extra reels. Seika Machinery Inc.,

Prototyping LineThe "Advanced Starter" turnkey line targets low-cost, high-precision prototyping and other low-volume circuit board assembly. It comprises a high-repeatability stencil printer, an automatic pick-and-place system, and lead-free conveyor reflow oven, suiting lead-free and fine-pitch requirements. The placer is the ECM-6711S, with on-the-fly top vision and bottom vision, 24-lane feeder base, a 13.75" × 9.8" placement area, computer, and LCD monitor. The turnkey's stencil printer is the 4500 with X/Y/theta adjustments for fine-pitch SMT printing of single- or double-sided boards. The line also features the TN350 lead-free forced hot air convection reflow oven with five upper and five lower heat zones, each with independent PID controllers settable to 320°C at accuracy of ±1°C. Manncorp,

Solar Cell Printing StencilThe Accuscreen prints current collector conductive fingers on silicon solar cells, allowing 100-µm-wide lines to be printed 100 µm high. The thin collector conductive finger allows more area to be exposed to solar energy, reportedly improving output efficiency; the tall conductor finger provides more efficient current-carrying ability to reduce resistive losses. The AccuScreen stencil product is manufactured by a proprietary electroforming process. Photo Stencil,

cap_308666.jpgVirtual Industries' vacuum tool.Vacuum Tweezer ToolThe Vacula vacuum tweezer is a self-contained pick-and-place tool activated from the top. Users depress the plunger, place the rubber suction cup on the package to pick and release the plunger; they then can place the part and depress the plunger a second time to release it. This ESD-safe unit eliminates contamination from skin oils and handling damage to leads. It suits loading burn-in trays or tinning leads, and can handle 300-gram (10.6-oz) packages. Virtual Industries Inc.,

Lower-cost XRF AnalyzerThe EDX-3000 XRF model suits in-house hazardous substance analysis. The desktop X-ray fluorescence analyzer was redesigned to determine the concentration of lead, cadmium, and other hazardous substances quickly. It suits identification of unknown metals, alloy verification, gold purity analysis, and various related tests. With the addition of a collimator and filters HS-Package, it offers sensitivity to meet the detection limits of various toxic metals regulations. The compact unit has a smaller chamber for component testing. Skyray XRF,

PCB-mount Servo DrivesThe AZ series PCB-mount, Z-drive servo family offers higher power, greater thermal efficiency, and lower operating voltages. Functionalities include torque and velocity modes with multiple command and feedback options. AZs reportedly conserve PCB space, eliminate wiring issues, and improve product performance. The micro-sized AZs weigh 100 grams or less, including the heatsink. Selected AZ models are dedicated to operate in either torque or velocity modes for brushed, voice coil, or brushless motors. Various AZs can take inputs of either ±10 V analog or PWM & Direction with velocity feedback being encoder, Hall Effect's only, or tachometer. All of the units have high current loop bandwidth for quick response times in critical or challenging applications. It is designed to minimize overall system costs. ADVANCED Motion Controls,

Conductive EpoxyDuralco 125 stress-free epoxy forms a flexible, electrically conductive bond for continuous use to 400°F. It suits manufacture and repair of flexible circuits, solder replacement, bonding semiconductors, EMI shielding, thermistors, wire tacking, heating elements, and other tasks. The epoxy has good electrical conductivity, high bond strength, thermal and mechanical shock resistance, adhesion to dissimilar substrates, and good chemical resistance. A handheld applicator accurately dispenses mixed epoxy that cures at room temperature (16 to 24 hours at 75°F; 20 min. at 200°F) with no objectionable odors. The silver-based Duralco 125 conductive epoxy bonds to glass, ceramics, plastics, steel, aluminum, and lead. It is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and solvents. Cotronics Corporation,



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