Industry Forecasts for 2009

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We asked industry suppliers and end users "How can PCB assemblers control costs in these economic times?" and "What will be the most impactful technological advances in 2009?" Following are responses from companies across the supply chain.

Highlighted is this response from NK Chari, marketing director, measurement systems division, Agilent Technologies:

More so in uncertain times, PCB assemblers who really focus on differentiated quality, and innovate their SMT processes to reduce cost will win in the longer term. Technology advances that can increase throughput, yield, and efficiency will have impact. Agilent is focusing on new technologies to improve throughput across all our test and inspection platforms, such as new patented coverage technologies like Cover-Extend, which tackles limited access issues, as well as new algorithm libraries for AOI, ICT, AXI, and functional test. These advancements will enable electronics manufacturers to both reduce cost and improve their quality by offering unparalleled coverage.

To read all the responses to our 2009 industry forecast, see the Industry Forecast from the December 2008 issue of SMT.



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