Component Orders Trend Positive

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ARLINGTON, Va. Orders for electronic components rose in December 2006, following a slight drop in November, according to the Electronic Components, Assemblies, & Materials Association (ECA) index. The 12-month average continued an upward trend.

Mid-single-digit growth in 2006 proved positive, though not remarkable, said Bob Willis, president of the ECA. He defines the conflict of 2007 as between profit margins maintained through innovation, and slim-margin commodity production. Willis believes that either or both of these trends the design and manufacture of high-quality products, and the design and manufacture of low-end components in low-cost regions of the world will shape the 2007 index.

The ECA is a sector of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), and represents manufacturers and producers of active and passive electronic components, component arrays and assemblies, and materials and support services.



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