Collaboration Joins Sensor, PCB, and MEMS Companies

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PITTSBURGH, Pa. and HSINCHU, Taiwan Virtus Advanced Sensors, which specializes in MEMS-based sensors, entered into a collaboration agreement with several UMC Group companies including PCB manufacturer Unimicron and affiliated MEMS foundry Chipsense, both based in Taiwan.

The companies will co-produce 3-axis accelerometers for a range of consumer-electronics-oriented applications including cell phones, laptop computers, and car navigation systems.

The agreement covers product design, production, marketing, and sales activities. Virtus will gain Chipsense as a manufacturing partner for higher-volume production; Chipsense expects to broaden its technological know-how, and access to the growth market of consumer goods, through the collaboration. Products resulting from the collaboration are expected by Q'04 2007.



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