Samsung Adds Reflow Soldering to Turnkey Line

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HORSHAM, Pa. Dynatech Technology added the Samsung RF30 series reflow soldering systems to its offering of SM series flexible, turnkey placement systems distributed in North America. Samsung uses the RF30 series globally to assemble its own product.

Complete manufacturing lines from Samsung are available with sole-source support from Dynatech Technology, including the SP450V screen printer, SM and CP series component-placement systems, associated board-handling systems, and RF30 series reflow soldering systems. The RF30 features a Windows-based operator interface to facilitate program building. The design is said to reduce periodic maintenance needs. Its double-covered insulated heating-zone construction features multi-ejection nozzles and fans circulating air in five directions to minimize temperature differential on the board.

An active cooling and flux-recovery system allows control of cool-down rate and supports environmental protection. The cooling zones, with variable-speed fans, bring board temperature below the liquid state at a controlled rate to prevent post-soldering defects. Powered exhausts at the top draw heat away from the production line. Flux management is integrated into the tunnel as part of the cooling mechanism. RF30 configurations include an anti-warp conveyor system to minimize thermal expansion during production.



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