STI Granted Embedded IC Patent

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MADISON, Ala. STI Electronics, Inc. (STI), was awarded a patent for its imbedded component/die technology (IC/DT), which involves the use of integrated circuit (IC) embedded within a laminate substrate disposed on a thermally conductive core, providing a thermal sink. STI applied for the patent on May 23, 2003; it was awarded on October 3, 2006.

The circuit components are electrically connected to the IC through a flexible electrical interconnects such as flexible wire bonds. An electronical-insulator coating covers the exposed surfaces and provides rigidity preventing assembly contamination.

A thermally conductive encapsulating material, such as a silicon gel, encases the circuit components, offering additional mechanical support, environmental protection, and heat dissipation. This process is designed to improve the performance and rigidity of ICs under extreme temperature, vibration, or other harsh conditions.



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