Henkel Acquires Taiwan Solder-sphere Maker

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IRVINE, Calif. The electronics group of Henkel acquired Taiwan-based Accurus Scientific Co. Ltd. The manufacturer produces solder spheres and type 1 7 solder powders for electronics packaging and PCB assemblies. By acquiring a company headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan, Henkel expects to gain technical and market support in that region, said Doug Dixon, electronics global marketing director.

Dixon explained that a large number of Henkel customers are moving into Taiwan and China, prompting the company to expand in the area. Henkel purchased land surrounding the Tainan facility, with plans to add capacity and services. Additional support will come from expansions in China facilities, including solder-sphere manufacture, expected in June 2007.

With 170 employees and ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, Accurus uses proprietary manufacturing processes to create solder balls for chip-scale packages (CSPs) and BGAs, which are used in fine-pitch applications. Dixon cited the acquisiton as a way of combining packaging and assembly businesses, which is, he added, the direction of the industry. Accurus will become a brand of Henkel.

Solder balls, created through a mechanical jetting process as opposed to machine cutting or punching, range from 0.08 to 1.9 mm in diameter, and are said to yield improved co-planarity and low contamination. Accurus also uses automated sorting methods to maintain consistency. The company produced leaded and lead-free spheres.

Accurus' product range enables Henkel to extend its portfolio beyond inter-device packaging materials to include the solder spheres used for BGA and CSP package-to-board interconnection, said Patrick Trippel, president, electronics group of Henkel, adding that the fine-particle solder powders add to the company's alloy offering for surface mount assembly. Henkel will continue product advancement, with resource investments to expand our technology roadmap, said Henry Wang, CEO of Accurus. Wang will direct business in Taiwan for Henkel.



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