Capacitor Targets Short-circuit Failure

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. AVX Corporation released a ceramic capacitor to reduce short-circuit failure, with minimum flexure of up to 5 mm, without internal cracks. Terminated with proprietary FLEXITERM technology, the FLEXISAFE capacitors are designed to absorb shock and prevent internal cracking due to board flexure and temperature cycling damage.

The components' structure includes a cascade electrode design, encasing two capacitors in series within an MLCC. This reportedly protects the ceramic capacitor from low-insulation resistance failure resulting from thermal stress, repetitive-strike electrostatic discharge (ESD), and placement damage. The cascade design is traditionally used in the company's high-voltage ceramic capacitors. Targeting military/aerospace, automotive, and other applications with safety requirements, the component is said to resist transfer of mechanical stress due to flexible soft terminations.The termination system adds a flexible termination layer to the component maintain electrical integrity under external forces. To create the product, the high-conductivity termination material was added to the company's standard X7R dielectric ceramic capacitor. The flexible termination comprises a conductive polymer used in conjunction with base metal electrode (BME) technology. The conductive polymer coats a copper termination, then plated with nickel and tin.



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