Micro-dot Valves Dispense Various Viscosities

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FAIR LAWN, N.J. I&J Fisnar released three distinct dispensing heads to suit tasks varying from high-viscosity fluids to dispensing abrasive materials.

The DV509 pneumatic diaphragm valve reportedly offers precise flow control of low- to medium-viscosity liquids such as Cyanoacrylates, reagents, UV adhesives, and volatile substances. The head suits applications where the wetted parts need to be separated from the air supply. The DV509 can dispense > 0.0001cc - 0.1 µl at 200 cycles per second (cps).

The VDP150, used for constant, high-repeatability deposits of medium- to high- viscosity fluids, offers a range of 5,000 20,000 cps. Operators adjust shot sizes using a stroke-adjuster integral in the valve, achieving positive displacement of > 0.005cc ? 5 µl by filling a known chamber volume. The dispense cycle is controlled by a 4-way valve-controller, proprietary to the company, that provides rapid cycling.

An auger screw valve and control system, the PDV-1000 series of precision screw-type valves dispense high-viscosity materials at greater than 35,000 cps with repeatable deposits of > 0.00003cc - 0.01 µl. Shot-time intervals can range from 0.001 65.63 sec. The PDV-1000 can be used with filled and/or abrasive materials.



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